How to Detect Leaks in the Home

Leaks around the home can be difficult to notice straight away, but if you have a leak that is allowed to worsen over time and it goes undetected for a long period, this could lead to maintenance issues around your home and potentially costly repairs. Leaks can be caused by a range of different reasons. However, one of the most common reasons for a leak to occur in the home is due to a burst pipe, something which often becomes more common as temperatures drop and the weather outside gets colder. We’ve put together some of the best ways to detect a leak in your home as early as possible. (more…)


Simple Entertainment During Low Moments!

Hello golden October! I know the month is almost ending. I keep on hoping and praying that this will also be beginning of my journey to a healthy life and I believed it is! …with God’s guidance and healing power!  There were so many things that happened in the past weeks. I never expected that I was in my lowest moments during those times. As for now, I am doing very better and keep on praying to be fully healed and recovered so soonest.

I already miss a lot of things; my job, my daily routine, things that I love to do like cooking, messing out at home and organizing again, meeting friends and a simple walk at the nature or in the forest. (more…)


Your Guide to a Healthy Heart

Keeping your heart healthy is one of the most important things that you can do to maintain your overall state of health and wellness. After all, without a healthy heart, the rest of your body will suffer. So check out the tips below in order to learn about a few of the easy ways that you can maintain the health and strength of your heart for many years to come.

Take Heart Supporting Supplements

There are a variety of supplements available that can help you support the health of your heart. Cardio care supplements can include coQ10, omega 3 fatty acids, plant sterols, and more. And the good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a really high quality supplement that has been proven to work. The right supplement will provide the vital nutrients that your heart needs to stay strong, especially if you are not getting those nutrients from your diet. (more…)


Slowly Saying Goodbye to September!

I am slowly saying goodbye to September! This month has not been good to me! It is just a month full of pain and agony.  I  am still grateful that I am continually fighting with my situation. There is just one wish I want  now, good health and be well again!

I am 2 weeks now at the hospital. It happened too fast and sometimes, we cannot really  control  some things coming along the  way. During the past two weeks, I had two surgeries  hoping that my condition will be well again.  Still, I am under recovery. I would say, I am feeling better now but these wounds have to heal. I know there are still people out there who have worst conditions than I am. I also pray for their  fast healing and recoveries. (more…)


Window Shopping for Musical Instruments

Happy birthday to my dear beloved sister! I wish I am with you to celebrate your special day. Thanks to FB for reminding me thru notifications that it is her natal day today. Since I am thousands of miles away from her and will never be physically, I just want to extend my wishes to her; blessings, good health and happiness always. (more…)


Just Another Busy Weekend!

How’s your weekend folks? I hope you had a great one.  Weekend  is almost ending in the side of the world where I  am currently stranded. As usual, it is always a busy weekend for me. This is the only  time of the week when I can do some home chores.   Having a full time job for around 2 years now makes me so busy all the time plus some online jobs that needs to be done.  I am thankful life is still beautiful!  I believed  I cannot complain  with the life I have now. I am grateful for having a simple but happy life. (more…)


Save Money While Shopping for Gadgets and Accessories With Groupon

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.


I believed everyone loves this topic called shopping! Am I right folks? I  can  smile to myself last weekend because I should normally want to update this blog but guess what happened? I ended up shopping online. This modern day shopping thru internet is just so convenient and hassle-free that you don’t need to drive elsewhere, thus also avoiding traffic and stress. It has been over two months now since I went to the mall. Thanks to online shopping, I have everything what I need by  browsing different stores online. (more…)


Miss The Sounds of Summer Festivals

Hello peeps! I am back in blogland! How is your weekend so far? It is almost ending in this part of the planet where I live and so far I cannot complain for it. Although not everything is really perfect but things are doing good in my side.

There should be a lot of plans for this weekend but due to some offline tasks and due to security reasons, I was not able to go out. I would love to attend some summer festivals in some towns and cities around the area but for now, better safe than sorry. (more…)


5 Common Reasons Why Siblings Fight

Siblings have always been people in whom you can easily confide when there is absolutely no one to look up to and these are the people who will always have you back no matter what.

Indian Brother Sister Fight.2

Even if you are apart this Raksha Bandhan, you can still send rakhi to USA send rakhi to USA from India or vice versa to express your love for them. But irrespective of your love that you have for them, it has always been a common phenomenon for siblings to fight despite the love that they have for each other. The fights that the siblings usually indulge in are verbal, intense and sometimes even physical. The fighting that exists between siblings is a universal fact. It is quite unheard that two individuals are siblings and yet they don’t fight. We have come up with top 10 reasons why siblings end up in a bitter fight with each other. (more…)


5 most common Indian Parents logical Phrases

Some of the most funny and ridiculous phrases are said by the Indian parents while raising their kids and all of us have truly went through that typical phase. The irony of fate is that when these kids grow up, they also throw these lines to their kids. They are as follows:

  1. You know that money doesn’t grow on trees: Indian parents would never get tired of saying this particular phrase to their kids whenever they demand something unreasonable. Be it getting a video game, phone, or a swing in the courtyard – parents would always postpone the plan and end the discussion with this simple line. But after growing up, we understand that really money is very hard earned and it is something we can call “Khoon Pasiney ke paisey” or money earned by boiling the blood and sweat together. As a 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents, you can give them a ticket to some exotic location. 1.silver jubliee anniversary gift




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