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Visit to the Christmas Market in Bamberg, Germany

One of the best thing to experience in Germany when you visit it during holiday season are the Christmas markets held in the different villages, towns or cities in this country.  It is nice to experience the magical atmosphere during Christmas season through the celebration of the Christmas markets. I have been to many Christmas […]

Basel SBB railway station

After our sightseeing in Basel Christmas market last November 24, 2012, we decided to go a bit walking  near our hotel. We had an overnight in Hilton, a 5 star hotel in  Basel.  Some meters walk from our hotel, you can already see the Basel SBB , also known as Rail City Basel. It is […]

Visit to the Christmas Market in Basel, Switzerland

It was a two-day weekend trip we had to visit Christmas markets in  some places in Europe.  I have  to wake up so early last  November 24, 2012 to catch the bus in Regensburg.  I set the alarm at 3:00 AM to get  myself ready  for the trip.  Since 5 people plus  their baggage  won’t […]

I Was Finally on Top of the Space Needle, Seattle, Washington

It was truly another dream come true when I  went on top of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. I thought I can only see it on movie like the Sleepless Nights  in Seattle. This movie actually inspired me to really visit Seattle and climbed its famous landmark. My happiness was overwhelming when I was […]

Sightseeing in the Baltic Region

Our recent  trip  to the Baltic region is finally over. It was quite a tiring trip  but  I am thankful that I had the chance to go there. We visited some  cities  including the capitals of Latvia and Lithuania.  Riga and Vilnius  are truly beautiful cities. Most of the companions we had during that trips […]

Viewing Seattle on top of Space Needle

Were you able to watch the movie Sleepless in Seattle or the The Parallax View? These are only some of the movies that were filmed in Space Needle. Before I visited Seattle, I really wish that I can climb on top of it. I was so happy when my friends from this city brought me […]

Visiting USA Again

Today is my 12th day in the United States. I landed in McCarran International Airport. I am glad that I visited USA again. I am currently in Phoenix, Arizona for some days sightseeing and at the same time visiting a sibling here. The weather was really hot reaching until 103 degrees Fahrenheit. We had a […]

A day Trip in Avila, Spain

I can’t forget our visit to this city. First and foremost, the name Avila is also the family name of my Auntie whom I did not see for over a decade now. I hope to see them once again when I go back home. The day sightseeing we had in Avila was truly a memorable  […]

This Memorable Visit in Ephesus, Turkey

Are you familiar about the Epistle to the Ephesians? I would say, have you heard about Ephesus? I believed millions of people in this world have read this tenth book of the New Testament which is simply known as Ephesians. It was truly a memorable trip for me visiting the historical site of Ephesus in […]

Dr. Jose Rizal’s Statue in Madrid, Spain

Three months had passed since my last visit in Madrid, Spain. After being informed by my landlady that Dr. Jose Rizal has a monument somewhere in Madrid, I decided to go here one day. Thanks to the travel guide I had with me during the time when I was in Madrid. I actually googled about […]



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