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Slowly Saying Goodbye to September!

I am slowly saying goodbye to September! This month has not been good to me! It is just a month full of pain and agony.  I  am still grateful that I am continually fighting with my situation. There is just one wish I want  now, good health and be well again! I am 2 weeks […]

Rehab Treatment Centers

Hubby was sharing me some things last time. He said that one of his co-workers was caught driving under the influence of alcohol. He was caught and ended up losing his driving license for some months. Hubby said that he will never drive when he is drunk and he will never drink when he knows […]

Thanks God I Felt Better

I had a migraine last night until some hours ago. I kept on praying that the severe pain on the left side of my head will be away. Thanks God that I felt very better now. I don’t need a rosacea treatment but the medicine that I took coupled with prayers truly helped. It was […]

Pain On The Right Side of my Lower Ribs

I am experiencing pain since Monday night on the right side of my lower ribs. I went to the doctor this morning but he said that might be some nerves which are connected to my neck. Something like that. He already know that I always complain of back and shoulder pains. The doctor’s assistant gave […]

Need Some Pain Reliever

Sorry guys, I should be updating this blog yesterday but I had a migraine. I am thankful that it is over now. Actually I still have a bit of it as I woke-up this morning. Sometimes I even don’t know what medicine to take just to relieve me from pain. I already tried a lot […]

Sad To Hear About Friends

Weekend is almost over. We had a great day today. WE also had a walk in the nature for around two hours this afternoon. The weather was very nice and it is not so cold compared to last week. I can say this weekend is a very wonderful one. I also don’t know how many […]



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