Four Goals For 2018 That Offer Small Ways to Improve Your Life and Yourself

Did you set a new year’s resolution for 2018? While new year’s resolutions can offer a great starting point for making big changes in your life, another good way to approach the opportunities a fresh new year offers is to set some goals you would like to achieve in the next 12 months.

There are loads of ways you can approach this, but if you are stuck for ideas, why not try making any or all of the following goals you set yourself to achieve before 2018 is over? They are all fairly easy things that can open the door to new learning experiences, interests, and ways of thinking, and can, in both big and small ways, help you to improve yourself and your lifestyle.

Make at Least One New Friend

Friends are one of the most important things in life, but after a certain age, many of us get stuck in a rut in our social lives and don’t tend to seek out new people to enjoy the company of.

Whether it is starting to invite that person you have fun with at work or talk to at the gym out for coffee, dinner or drinks outside of the usual context you see them in, or even making friends with a complete stranger through an online group about something you are interested in, aim to end the year with at least one new person in your life you can call a friend.

Make at Least One New Thing Yourself

Learning new hobbies and skills can be a good starting point for a whole new field of interest, and making things can be very rewarding and satisfying. Taking up a craft project that you have never done before, no matter how ambitious, can allow you to explore potential new hobbies and also leave you with something to be proud of at the end. From sewing to woodwork, baking to painting, there are loads of things you can try, and if you are looking for inspiration there are plenty of craft ideas and tutorials at

Visit at Least One New Place

They say travel broadens the mind, and so experiencing at least one new location this year is a great goal. If you don’t have the money for far flung travel, even visiting a nearby town you’ve never been to before or going to a museum or site of interest in your own city is a new experience you can enjoy.

Do at Least One Good Thing for Others

From giving money to charity to volunteering for a local community project, or doing a sponsored event, doing at least one thing to help a good cause, whatever it is, will make a difference to others, and also feel extremely rewarding.

These are just four ideas for goals to set yourself this year – naturally you can do all of them if you want, and even add your own to make a 2018 achievements list!


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