How to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

I was looking back at the resolutions I made earlier this year and realized I’ve accomplished most of them. I wanted to bake more; I did. I was also planning to exercise better and smarter, which is something I now do on a regular basis. I even went to the places I wanted to visit.

I’m in the process of making some interesting resolutions for 2018. New Year is just around the corner and it is always fun to set goals to achieve, isn’t it? If you want to make your New Year’s resolution stick, here are some of the tips you can try.

Start Early

Don’t wait until the end of August to get started. Whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish in 2018, always start on the second day of the year. Anything you do towards making those goals a reality counts, no matter how small they may be.

Do you want to go to Paris next year? Start saving your money on the 2nd of January. Do you want to be healthier or walk for at least 30 minutes every day? Start walking on the second day of the year. The earlier you start, the easier it will be to accomplish your goals before the end of 2018.

Develop a Habit

Experts say that you have to stick to doing something for at least 14 days straight to get used to the change. There are some big changes I made this year and the way I did it is by sticking to the new routines for at least 14 days. After that two-week period, things were a lot easier than I thought.

You too can use this trick to make your New Year’s resolution stick. Stick with the changes you want to make for at least 14 days. Those 14 days will be a struggle; don’t let the challenges get the better of you.

Get the Support You Need

Tell those close to you about the things you want to achieve in 2018. They’ll provide the support you need to stay motivated in achieving those goals. Even better, you can support each other and accomplish your New Year’s resolutions together.

Another great way to get support is through social media. There are thousands of people supporting each other with their New Year’s resolutions. You can connect with like-minded people and be that much closer to achieving your goals.

Keep ‘em Simple

Last but not least, keep your New Year’s resolutions simple. Resolutions are meant to be fun and exciting, not impossible and depressing. published a list of funny New Year’s resolutions; I’m actually borrowing some of them this year just for the fun of it.

Staying motivated and reaching your goals is a lot easier when you enjoy the process, which is why keeping the resolutions simple is important. Combined with the previous tips we discussed in this article, the simple goals you set yourself in 2018 will be achieved even before you reach the next holiday season.

Don’t forget to share your 2018 resolutions in the Comments section below. Perhaps we can support each other.


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