Best Smoker for the New Age BBQ and Grilled Food Enthusiast

Meat lovers will vote unanimously that nothing can compare with the taste of delicious, freshly smoked meat. The tenderness and the flavours are enhanced when the meat is smoked in a specific way with certain spices and marinades, leading to gastronomic delights.  The kind of smoker you may be using to smoke the meat also has a role to play in achieving that aroma and taste. Even though this method of cooking has gained in popularity due to the lesser time required to cook and the flavour that it adds to the meat, you might be not have the room or even the permission to set up a charcoal or gas smoker in your backyard or on your patio.

As BBQ enthusiasts you need not fret. With an electric smoker, one can say goodbye to charcoal and the need to tend to smoke emanating from traditional smoking appliances. Electric smokers, because of ease of use and efficiency, are fast replacing conventional smoking appliances that run on primarily propane or charcoal.

When planning to buy a new smoking appliance or replacing the existing one, make sure to get your basics right. There are places like the electric smoker center which can give you loads of details into which type of smoker you should buy. Run through the information and you are likely to be equipped with the basic knowledge about how to buy an electric smoker.

Meanwhile if you are contemplating between an electric smoker and a charcoal smoker, here are some myths that can easily be dispelled.

  • With improvements in technology, prices of electric smokers have come down considerably. The average price of an entry level electric smoker is near about in the same bracket as the charcoal smoker.
  • To put the high energy consumption in the right perspective, the smoker is not actually running all the time. It heats up to the required temperature and then relies on the insulated area to maintain heat. The smoker reignites if the temperature falls down a specific level.
  • Bodies of these mean machines have powder coating and casing, which does not conduct heat so that the outer surfaces are safe to touch. Their thermostats and well insulated interior keep them hotter than you can imagine.
  • Set it and forget it! This could not be truer elsewhere. Electric smokers save you a lot of time and worry. Prep the meat, place on racks. Set the time and temperature and run your errands. Viola! Meat would be done just perfect when you are back.
  • An electric smoker can attain temperatures ranging from 100 to 275 F. This may not be as hot as the charcoal smoker but electric smoker can provide consistently hot smoking process.
  • The electric smokers help you to focus your attention on important things like you family or children or office work. This is so because they themselves need minimal or almost no attention. One need not worry about stoking a fire or adjusting coals.
  • Portability comes easy with an electric smoker. They come with a variety of stands and tables as well as casts.

Well that’s that. Go ahead and get yourself an electric smoker and enjoy lovely flavoured meat recipes.


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