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Does Your Personality Type Play into Your Risk of Developing Heart Disease?

We all know there are different personality types out there, and many of us are familiar with the terms “Type A” and “Type B” personalities. There are a number of interesting traits that set these two personality types apart, some of which are more obvious than others. But do these personality traits determine more than […]

How to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

I was looking back at the resolutions I made earlier this year and realized I’ve accomplished most of them. I wanted to bake more; I did. I was also planning to exercise better and smarter, which is something I now do on a regular basis. I even went to the places I wanted to visit. […]

Live the Life of Your Dreams with these Three Tips

Living well means living a fulfilled life. This means having a great work/life balance, of course, but it goes so much further than that. Having a good balance between a job you don’t like and an after-work life you love isn’t fulfilling, it’s passable. To enjoy your life, you need to enjoy all aspects of […]

What’s in your favorite cake?

Now, who doesn’t love cake? And the love affair with cake is life-long. Even if you are dieting if given a choice you would happily give up a meal and trade it for cake to stay within calories. And you would happily cheat with your diet with cake. It is one of the most important […]

Best Smoker for the New Age BBQ and Grilled Food Enthusiast

Meat lovers will vote unanimously that nothing can compare with the taste of delicious, freshly smoked meat. The tenderness and the flavours are enhanced when the meat is smoked in a specific way with certain spices and marinades, leading to gastronomic delights.  The kind of smoker you may be using to smoke the meat also […]



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