3 Ways a Small Investment Can Keep You Safe This Winter

Wintertime safety is always a priority on anyone’s “To Do” list, but few people really take the time to delve deeper than getting a good snow shovel or checking their chimneys for built-up creosote. Not only is creosote toxic, but it can lead to a fire in your chimney if not cleaned periodically and checked annually before lighting that first spark in your fireplace. That being a given, it’s time to look at some other safety tips that require a very small investment but can save you thousands of dollars, or perhaps your very life!

1. Use That ATV for Something Other than an Off-Road Joy Ride

So, you’ve bought the ATV you’ve always wanted and have taken it out throughout the summer to all those amazing out-of-the-way back roads for a bit of weekend exploring. Although you ‘could’ always ride it around in snowy, blustery weather, who really wants to get that cold? Days are shorter this time of year, so that leaves limited time on weekends and you certainly don’t want to spend it covered in ice. Why not check out snow plow kits on My Gardening Network that can be fitted to your ATV? Save money on shoveling your grounds while putting that ATV to good use for something other than entertainment. It’s a win-win every time.

2. Invest in a Remote-Controlled Car Starters

The truth of the matter is this. Most of us dread the cold so much that we won’t be bothered to go outside to warm up the car before leaving for work in the morning. On a particularly icy or snowy day, this can be more dangerous than you can imagine. Many drivers don’t know that they can purchase remote-controlled car starters, which can be easily installed by your local mechanic. If you are a driveway DIY mechanic, this could be one of the best aftermarket additions you’ll ever invest in. Don’t get into a cold car ever again! Click a button and let your car warm up while you’re having that last sip of morning java.

3. Buy Epsom Salt in Bulk for a Truly Safe De-Icer

While almost every home improvement, hardware, or grocery store carries large bags of de-icer in the wintertime, some of those preparations can be quite costly and some of them not safe to use around animals or near vegetation. If you want the perfect alternative, keep a large bag of Epsom salt on hand. There are cheap ways to make a safe mixture of sugar and Epsom salt that will ultimately cost significantly less than those large bags of de-icer and, as stated, will not harm bordering vegetation, birds or pets. Then, there is an additional benefit you will just love. Come in from the extreme cold to soak a bit in an Epsom salt bath. It’s like heaven on earth.

None of these ideas are very expensive and all will help to keep you safe and comfy this winter. Winterize your home, auto, and garden now before that first snowstorm hits and you’ll say these are the best few dollars you’ve ever spent.


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