Choosing the perfect Christmas gift for outdoor enthusiasts

Choosing the perfect gift for your family and friends is tough enough as it is, but what if you have the added difficulty of shopping for that one relative who is an outdoors enthusiast? Nature lovers, happy campers and gadget bods are notoriously difficult to buy for, especially if you haven’t got a clue about climbing shoes, tent pegs or trail hiking. We all have that one person who is incredibly difficult to choose a gift for, but fear not, this year it will all be a little easier. There’s a whole host of wonderful and wondrous items available on the market, it’s just a question of knowing where to find them. Keen to get on the right track? Then read on to find out how to choose that perfect present to wow any outdoor enthusiast.

Think logically

Ok so let’s go back to basics. If your recipient is a nature lover chances are they love hiking. Yes, it might be a simplistic approach, but enjoying the great outdoors with a new gadget in hand could really make your relative’s day. It’s a known fact that hiking is good for your physical and mental health, so why not look into something that will make their trailblazing a lot easier. With a wealth of parks and states to explore, walking poles are always a good present for hiking enthusiasts. Choosing the perfect flashlight for night time forages is a great gift idea too, and if you know someone who’d love one for Christmas, visit for more information.

Layer up

Spending time in the great outdoors all year round requires having a wardrobe that can withstand the test of time and the elements. Hiking and outdoors clothing can get expensive, so why not look into buying your nearest and dearest an item that will help get them ready for their next big adventure? Base layers, such as long sleeve tops and vests are cheaper and essential to any outdoor lover’s wardrobe. If your budget is slightly bigger, then look into fleece jackets or waterproof jackets to protect against adverse weather and keep your loved ones warm. If you aren’t feeling inspired by any of the above, them hats and thick socks are great for camping, festivals and weekend hikes, not to mention act as a fun and fabulous fashion accessory. Chances are, your personal preference will be appreciated, plus it makes your gift look a lot more thoughtful too. Bright colors are good for snow and ski lovers, to make them stand out on the slopes, so don’t be shy and think big.

Have fun choosing

So what if you don’t know anything about the outdoors, or have a perpetual fear of nature? The beautiful of gifts is all in the giving, so enjoy the browsing and buying experience. Your recipient is sure to be grateful for your present whoever they are, and no one like a winter Grinch. So stress less, slow down and have fun. Christmas is only once a year, and there is no point in spoiling your own experience. Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!



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