Tips in Buying A Car

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Are you planning to buy a new car?  There are a lot of considerations in buying one. I may not be an expert with this topic  but I have some experiences in a buying cars.  I already drive and owned three cars since I start driving. That is why,  I would like to share some tips   with you  in shopping a new car.

An oldtimer or classic car.

Consider the Price  and Your Budget

I remember buying my first car back in 2015. I just started driving that time and I want to be mobile and flexible especially in going to my work place. Since I just started working, I really don’t have enough  money  to buy a new car.  Besides, I don’t want to make a loan at the bank just to drive a new car.  I  bought a second hand car that was  around 10 years old and I bought it in  cash after saving money from my first job.  If you have a lot of money, buying  a new or expensive car might  not be a problem for you.

When I already started saving some money for the downpayment of another car, I decided to replace my first car with a better one.  After driving my second my car for around 4 years, I  decided again to replace it with a better one.  I am proud of myself that I bought it in cash and until now, I am still using the same car.

It  is  very important to consider your budget when buying a  new car. If you can afford to buy it in cash  and avoid paying interest at the bank, why not do it.   If you are courageous enough to pay for the loan interest and you think, you can afford to pay for the mortgage every month,  why not buy the car that you always dream of. More on that might be able to help you in buying a new or used car. Feel free to browse their site.

Environmentally-Friendly  Cars or the Green Vehicles

We all know about the pollution that is destroying our planet earth.  Carbon monoxide pollution that are emitted  from cars especially the old ones is not really good for our environment. It would be nice if we can take care of our environment and planet earth by driving these so-called “clean vehicle, or eco-friendly vehicle or green cars”. It is a road motor vehicle that produces less harmful impacts to the environment than comparable conventional internal combustion engine vehicles running on gasoline or diesel, or one that uses certain alternative fuels.

If we can drive any of these Environmentally-Friendly vehicle, then we are helping in our own little way in saving our Mother  Earth.

I am so far happy and contented with my  car right now. It is a considered as a green vehicle. If  given the chance to buy my dream-car in the future, I would  surely check


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