How to have a Glamping Trip You’ll Never Forget

The outdoors are definitely not for everyone. You get sweaty, you’re in the dirt, and there are bugs. So many bugs. There are mosquitos and big, black flies that take actual bites out of you. So, how do you get those beautiful Instagram posts next to the clear blue lake and the stunning snow-capped mountain the distance? You go glamping.

Glamping, or, glamorous camping, has become more mainstream as the city-goers who have tried their hand at being in the wilderness, absolutely cannot handle actual camping.

Here’s the first thing to know: glamping doesn’t have to have anything to do with tents at all. You’ve seen those super-cosy glamping tents, right? Forget them. The best way to experience the outdoors is to make sure you have a luxurious resort hotel to go back to after you’ve had your time with the trees and the bushes (and a camera full of beautiful pictures of yourself in the woods).

You won’t be able to escape hiking, though. Those picture-perfect spots can’t just be found next to a parking lot. You must work for them, but it’s okay! Think of it as your trip to the gym, except less effort and, hopefully, far less sweat. You’ll want to look clean and spectacular for your mountain portraits!

For the ultimate trip, try Jackson Hole, Wyoming. You likely haven’t heard of it, but it is a valley smack dab in the middle of several mountain ranges. There are some incredible landscapes there, perfect for enough Instagram pictures to last a few months, at least. There are many luxurious locations for you to lay your head in at night, and a tram that will take you onto Rendezvous Mountain so you can get a head start on your hiking without the massive incline.

At the height of those mountains, however, you might experience altitude sickness. The highest peak isn’t nearly as high as Mount Everest (the highest point near Jackson Hole reaches half the height of Mount Everest), but altitude sickness can still be experienced. Watch out for the signs, be careful, and if it gets too much for you head back! It’s not worth your health for those pictures. We promise the area has a lot of other incredible backdrops.

Jackson Hole has a lot do to, so whether you want to truly immerse yourself in the outdoor sports they have to offer, or just soak in the majestic views and enjoy a spa weekend away, this is the place to be. Book your next vacation at and start planning that perfect camping babe wardrobe to showcase to the world. Try your hand at hiking, water rafting, rock climbing and more in the summer months.

In the winter, you can ski at one of the most beautiful locations in the United States of America. You can go dog sledding, or you can enjoy the perfect Christmas time sleigh ride along the snowy planes. Then, at the end of the day, you can curl up with your partner or your friends and enjoy wine and sleep deeply into the night.

Doesn’t that sound fantastic? See, glamping can be fun.


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