Hello 2017! Can You Send Me to A Concert or Musical Show!

Hello 2017! I can’t believe that 2016 is over now and thank God that it is! It has been a good year and at the same time a bit bad one for me. In short, 2016 was a challenging year and I thank God that I survived with all those challenges and trials.

I am grateful that I am slowly back to my normal life again. Thanks God for restoring my good health and please make me 100% healthy always…That is all I mostly wanted for now.

There are a lot of plans for 2017. Sad to say, some plans were already cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances and decisions that I cannot hold in my hand. Maybe, it is God’s plan and so be it!

One of  the wishes I have for 2017 is to watch a concert or musical show especially in my incoming birthday. I will see if I can find an affordable musical trip that will fit my time and  budget. I love watching concerts, musical shows and live entertainments on TV. I especially adore people who can play musical instruments like a psr keyboard, drums, trumpets, violin, harp, piano, guitar and the like.

I experienced some live concerts before like the Red Piano concert of Elton John in Colosseum in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas  in Nevada, USA.  This time I want to experience any in Europe.

Most of all, I hope and pray that 2017 will be good to me to my friends and family! Good health, prosperity, happiness, peace of mind and in this planet, love and contentment  to us all!

Enjoy the last weekend of January 2017!


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