How to Make His Hunt for the Perfect Ring Easier

Although most of us say that we’d be happy with any ring so long as it was from Mr. Right, there’s no denying that if many women were given the chance to hand pick their own engagement ring, they would. And, this is apparent with the growing trend of couples going to choose engagement rings together rather than the traditional scenario of the male partner buying a surprise ring for his girlfriend. But, what if you’ve always dreamed of a traditional, romantic surprise proposal where you’re presented with the ring of your dreams? We’ve listed some creative ideas for dropping hints about the type of engagement ring that you’d really love.

Tell Him Straight

Often, couples who are planning to get married will talk about it before the big question is finally asked. If you’ve been with your partner for a long period of time and have lived together for some years, chances are that weddings and tying the knot has been a topic of discussion before now. For many girls who are hoping for that perfect ring, simply telling their partner which ones they like or even showing them pictures can be an easy way of ensuring that they make the right choice when the time finally comes.

Go Ring Shopping

One of the great things about rings is that they’re not all engagement rings. Asking for a dress ring for an occasion such as your birthday or Christmas can be a great excuse to go ring shopping, an opportunity that you can take to make sure that your significant other knows everything that they need to when it comes to the style shape, color and type of engagement ring that you would like to eventually get. Ascot Diamonds have a great selection of rings which are suitable as engagement rings and more.

Tell Your Friends

If your partner is close with your friends or family member, getting them to make sure that they point him in the right direction when it comes to choosing an engagement ring for you is a great way to make sure that you’re not presented with a ring that you’d never have chosen for yourself. Shopping for an engagement ring can often be a very daunting experience for many guys, who will often do their best to make sure that they make the right choice by asking a friend or family member who knows you to help.

Ask for a Surprise

If you’ve been talking about engagement rings with your partner recently, asking for a surprise can be a great way to help take the pressure off and result in you getting a ring that you both really love. Often, the things that those closest to us choose for us can be the most meaningful, even if they’re not something that we would have picked ourselves.

Engagement ring shopping can be a tricky business, especially if you’re both hoping for a traditional surprise proposal. These tips can help you to drop the right hints to make it easier for him to find the perfect ring for you.


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