Simple Entertainment During Low Moments!

Hello golden October! I know the month is almost ending. I keep on hoping and praying that this will also be beginning of my journey to a healthy life and I believed it is! …with God’s guidance and healing power!  There were so many things that happened in the past weeks. I never expected that I was in my lowest moments during those times. As for now, I am doing very better and keep on praying to be fully healed and recovered so soonest.

I already miss a lot of things; my job, my daily routine, things that I love to do like cooking, messing out at home and organizing again, meeting friends and a simple walk at the nature or in the forest.

I hope you are all doing great folks! I would be very happy if you do. During my stay at the hospital for over 3 weeks, I am thankful for the simple entertainments in my room. I have a television where I can watch different shows including concerts, opera, mtv shows or live entertainments like singing or dancing. Speaking of singing, I guess some of these singers are using sennheiser 441, a very dynamic microphone.

Thanks to our modern technology for giving me some entertainment. I never imagine life now without  musical instruments  that produce music and songs. Thanks also to great singers and entertainers  who always  provide fun moments during my stay at the hospital and at home.

Lastly, I keep on praying that I will be well and healthy again….so help me God!

Take care folks and enjoy the golden October. Until then….


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