Uses for Your Jersey Display Case

LV.EG.02.2015.41igcdhwgulJersey display cases are designed to keep special jerseys safe and clean while allowing them to be proudly displayed through the clear protective covering, usually made of plexiglass. Such display cases can be great for holding special memorabilia or items of personal significance. Display cases have a wide range of personal and professional uses, easily finding a prominent place in any home, dorm room, school hallway, gymnasium, museum or office.

Collectable Jerseys

In addition to being valued by sports fans, collectable jerseys also have the potential to increase in value over the years, especially any jerseys that are autographed. As any collector will tell you, value is also based on the condition of the object. By placing collectable jerseys in a display case you also reduce the odds that the jersey will be damaged. Cases are deep enough to hold some related items, too. For instance, an autographed football could easily fit in with a prized autographed football jersey.

High School and College Jerseys

The most common use for a jersey display case is for high school and college sports jerseys. Athletes can preserve jerseys from significant games or memorable seasons from their high school and college days. Mounting the jersey is fair simple. Once the jersey is safe inside, maintenance is minimal, usually consisting of light dusting of the case. Plaques, ribbons and trophies can be slipped in with high school and college jerseys to give the casual observer an idea of the significance of the jersey that’s on display.

Military Uniforms

A more unique, but certainly respectable, use for display cases is for military uniforms. Uniforms can be fully decked out with stripes, medals and rank distinctions and proudly placed in a case for private or public display. a folded American flag or a smaller flag can be placed inside with the uniform. Display cases can be mounted for secure placement and enhanced with lighting to place added emphasis on the uniform that’s displayed inside.

Display cases for jerseys also make great gifts. Cases can be conveniently mounted to a wall or placed aside other cases holding trophies and other special items. It should be noted that, while such cases are meant to display jerseys, you can also use display cases for other special items like baby blankets or jackets. As for jerseys, there should be enough room for all possible sizes.


4 Responses to “Uses for Your Jersey Display Case”

  1. Liza Says:

    That will keep the prized jersey in perfect condition for a long time.

  2. Chubskulit Rose Says:

    Hubby still has his military uniforms but dunno where to put them. I would love to have something where I can neatly store them!

  3. Jessica Cassidy Says:

    I would keep mine if it is a signed jersey too Sis if it is signed by my favorite player.

  4. Krisel Says:

    I’m a die hard fan of a local basketball team during my college days and I definitely agree that display cases makes the jersey safe and look brand new, I know because I have one. 🙂


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