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Goodbye January, hello love month!

In exactly 10 minutes from now, CET or Central Europe Time, I am officially saying goodbye to January and gladly welcome  the “month of love”.  The month of February is inevitable. In fact,  in some continents like Asia and Australia, they already welcomed it. It seems like yesterday when we greeted the first day of […]

How Trendy Are You?

Clothing trends seem to change all of the time. It isn’t always easy to keep up with what is in style, especially if you are one a tight budget. One thing that never seems to go out of style is the t-shirt. Even more, the t-shirts that feature influential designs that have been around for […]

That Visit in San Remo, Italy

Time seems to pass so quickly nowadays. Imagine we are already on the middle of January 2015! I hope you had good times during the first weeks of 2015. For now, I have nothing to complain except that I really find it hard to go online so often as before. This is the consequence of […]

Travel to Britain … Bring Your Dog

When you go on holiday, if you have a dog, it can be difficult. Do you lump it on a relative who agreed through gritted teeth; do you drop it off at a kennel where you know it will be traumatised from being left in a strange place with strangers; or do you bring it […]

Hello 2015! What’s Up for this Year?

Happy New Year 2015!  I know  I am already very late  in extending my greetings for this year. Good to know and I would say, “better late  than never”. I am just too busy  to greet you all earlier   and I apologize for that. If you are my friends in social media, you might […]



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