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Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween again! I believed some of you might be at a theme park at the moment celebrating this festival. Other might be attending a costume party, lighting bonfires outside, telling scary stories or watching horror films. We just came home some hours ago witnessing a Halloween celebration. It was an enjoyable one. The children […]

Job Shifting

I have been thinking about this for a long time. I am planning to shift job and want to learn new things. I am a banker by profession but cannot practice it here in Germany because it is not acknowledged. I need to go back to school again or make this so-called Ausbildung or training. […]

Winter is Coming Soon!

It is inevitable! Winter is coming soon. I hope everyone did changed already their car tires from summer to winter. I heard over the news on the radio that early in the morning today, there were already drivers who were victimized by icy roads. This is quite dangerous. Since winter is almost here, are you […]

The Linderhof Palace by King Ludwig II of Bavaria

This is not a so big palace or castle like Neuschwanstein but it is very beautiful. Alone its location and surrounding is also nice. The Linderhof Palace was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. It is located near Ettal Abbey near near Oberammergau in southwest Bavaria, Germany. I normally don’t want to go inside […]

Lots of Food During Our Turkey Vacation

I thought I can lose some excess weight when taking a vacation. This is because I have to always walk and walk while doing the sightseeing tours. I was wrong. In fact, I found out that I always gain more pounds after each vacation. I need one of those top appetite suppressants to prevent me […]



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