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The Nuremberg Castle in Bavaria, Germany

The image you see below is only a part of Nuremberg Castle. This castle comprises of three parts according to wikipedia: the imperial castle (“Kaiserburg”), some buildings of the Burgraves of Nuremberg (“Burggrafenburg”), and the municipal buildings of the Imperial City at the eastern site (“Reichsstädtische Bauten”). It is considered to be one of the […]

Christmas Market in Gut Aiderbichl , Austria

Gutes Aiderbichl which is located in Gut Aiderbichl is a large animal sanctuary founded by Michael Aufhauser. We had a visit here in their Christmas Market last 208. It was quite a very interesting place especially if you love animals. taken near the entrance of the Gutes Aiderbichl animal sanctuary. the Christmas market inside the […]

Beautiful Quote

“Twenty years from nowyou will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. “ (MARK TWAIN) taken while we were joy riding somewhere that I can’t […]

Acne Problems

I am trying to think how many millions of people around the world are currently having acne problems. One million, three millions or even a billion people might have this skin problem now. I was one of them. I am happy that my acne problem had been cured. Don’t you know that there are actually […]

Miss The Tulips in Our Garden

T-ruly beautiful!U-nbelievable beauty of nature.L-ovely as can be. I-nevitable when spring comes. P-lanted and cared in our garden.S-pecial flowers for me. I love TULIPS! -The Author, Ruby Benz. The tulips in our garden from last year’s spring time. I can’t wait to see them again.

Good morning Europe!

Good morning Europe! It was again a long day and night for me yesterday. I just noticed that I need to slowly sign-off now because another day is coming again. We are already in the middle of the week and yes, the earth is turning its orbit faster now. Some more days and the month […]

The Montgolfier Balloon in Paris, Las Vegas

The Montgolfier balloon is a balloon located in front Paris Hotel, a luxury hotel in Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. It is simply called Montgolfier balloon because the inventors of this balloon were two brothers with family name, Montgolfier. I took this image during my Las Vegas vacation last 2008.


Coffe break is over. Actually, I did not drink coffee. I made a mug of chocolate capuccino just to ease my sleepiness. And yes, the day is almost over again. I hope you had a nice one. I am quite busy with some things online plus this facebook that always disturbs me. Just kidding guys! […]

More Fasching Images from Velburg, Germany

I just shared some images of Fasching parade in Velburg in Bavaria, Germany in my other travel site, Euro Travel and Adventure. It is high Fasching season now and I think of sharing these images during our visit to Velburg’s Carnival parade. colorful costumes are worn by the participants of the Fasching. I love this […]

Good Morning Sunshine!

We are having a full sunshine right now. I feel good everytime the sun shines. Is spring season coming up soon? How I wish! I can’t wait to see again the blooms in our garden especially the tulip flowers. After waking-up today, I had again my morning ceremony. I had a mug of green tea […]



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