How I Wish to Work in March Group

Hi Folks! what’s up for today? I got a great day doing some household chores. Some of my projects at home are still not done. You might be thinking big about “project” but it is my project and goal to do a general cleaning before Christmas comes. I just open my pc now and hope to give you a little update. It might be an update about myself and what business I was doing before. Oh yes, I worked before in one of the Top 3 Financial institution in the Philippines. For almost nine years of service in the bank and being rotated to the different positions, I felt contented with my job already. Sad to say, I have to say goodbye because I have to join my husband abroad. It was a great and inspiring job serving people in all walks of life. The best part of the job wherein I always feel good, happy and contented was when I did my best serving our clients both internal and external and making them happy and contented too. My last two years of stay in the bank was more exciting because of the merger. PCIBank merged with Equitable bank. It was very challenging for me because we have to adopt a new system and software at the bank. At that time, I was the Branch Operation Assistant which served as the Branch Accountant. Over-all I would say, it was a great time and experience working before in this kind of company.

Talking about merger and acquisition, I just read and visited a great site for that. March Group has been helping a lot of companies during merger and acquisitions. Through their services they had successfully helped a lot in buying or selling a company. I even read in their site some testimonials from their clients whom they had extended their services. Having professionals and experts who work with them, they I believed they always see to see that excellent services and output are being provided to their customers. Through their innovative business concepts, no wonder they always made it to the top. If you need help by mergers and acquisitions, I believed this company is a great place to run too! And how I just wish to work in this kind of company!!!


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