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photo taken in front of Manchester that monument where the hands are holding the work of art!!

I will share to you some good and bad experiences I had in England. What do you want first the good one or the bad one. I guess, it is better if I start the good one or would rather say the best one. The best thing is that I finally see one of the countries that I am dreaming to visit. England has a lot of things to offer with regards to interesting places. I truly enjoyed it. Special thanks to good friends like Loloy, Ross, Rey and Joy The bad thing is that I had a very bad experience in the airport. This is the most bad experience about the thing called “customer service”. I don’t know why there are just people who are in the position but don’t have the right disposition. It is very disappointing. In contrary, I also learned from it. I will be posting the detail of this story in my Euro Travel in a few days. Visit this site too for more updates of my Euro travel.

I also would like to extend my deepest gratitude for my loving and kind husband who has been my personal shuttle in driving and picking me up in Hanh Airport in Frankfurt during my three weeks vacation in UK. Sometimes getting a very cheap plane ticket is not worthy especially if you drive around 5 to 6 hours going to the airport. You are also spending a lot of money for the gasoline in driving there. I am just thankful to my husband who have the patience and the kindness to drove me back and forth home. There was no train connection in Hanh Airport and not so much public transportation there. I believed next time, I would rather go to the airport that is near to us like Munich or Nuremberg. If you are planning to travel, plan it good ahead. Be sure that you have no stress of who will drive and pick you at the airport. I guess I also have to consider Newark Airport Shuttle if I travel in New York City next time. They have good things to offer with regards to shuttle services. I have to sign-off now..See you later!


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