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I am already addicted to blogging as you can see. It is already a part of my life spending it in the internet everyday. I believed it is very better compared to getting addicted to alcohol, drugs or smoking. Being addicted to blogging, I can share my thoughts, ideas, opinion and at the same time my personal experiences in my day to day living. It is a pleasure for me to share it to all people around the world who might be stumbled to my sites. This is especially true especially to those people who might want to see Europe in the horizon. Travel has been one of my interest in life. As mentioned in my other site that I am always recharge everytime I see new and interesting places. For you to see it, you can visit my Euro Travel Site, wherein you can see the beautiful places I had been to here in Europe.

I also have a wordpress blog account which until now, I am still practicing about it. Honestly, I find blogger very easy compared to wordpress. I have some good friends who are experts about wordpress platform. I still have some interest in learning wordpress. I know it is also a great site for blogging but I know I need time and effort to slowly learn it. I wish to visit again my wordpress blog and want to add Content Dragon WordPress Plugin. It has been a long time that I have not updated it. I will try my best to update it tomorrow especially that I learn this kind of plug-in to be installed there. Content Dragon has an instruction on how to install this plug-in. I guess it is quite easy. This plug-in just inspire me to go on with wordpress after knowing that I can post any articles to my blog in just one click!! very interesting!! WordPress users, our blogging experience can now be more exciting!! thanks for sharing and happy blogging to my blogger friends out there!!


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