I’m Travelling Again!!

What is the date today?? See I don’t even remember it and need to look in my calendar!! It is the 16th of October already. Time is really passing very quick that sometimes we are not aware that the year 2008 is almost ending! Nine more days and I will be travelling again! I love this part of my life where I can just go wherever and whenever I want. But of course I need to consider the financial aspect of it. I am just also very thankful that I have a very wonderful, kind and understanding husband in my side. Actually I am going to United Kingdom to visit some friends there. One friend who is my partner in my escapades and adventures already planned for our itinerary. She told me that we might be flying to Rome or Barcelona anytime during my three weeks stay in United Kingdom. I am feeling now very excited. I can’t wait that day when the adventure begins again!!

Last night I was browsing a site for some hotels or apartments that we might be staying in Rome. I know a day or two is not enough to see this very interesting and “eternal city”, as it is called. I came across at Romaclick looking for Rome apartments. I find their site very easy to navigate. I even like their header in their site where they feature a photo of Rome City. You can also navigate for their Bed and Breakfast and their Special Offers at present. As I navigate further, I found a Best Comfort Bed and Breakfast for only 75 Euros for two nights. That is not bad at all. What I like with it is that, the room is located on the 4th floor and you can see the view of the city. I really find it a very good deal because almost all room facilities are also available!! Wow, I can’t wait to go to Rome!! I’ll see you soon!! Oops, don’t forget to Roma click!!


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