How I wish

How is your day today? Weekend is over now! For those who are working, Monday can be a very hectic day. I remember that before as I was still working in the bank back in the Philippines. I was rotated to the different positions of the bank such as teller, customer sales assistant, branch operation assistant, loans and discount clerk, etc. When I was assigned as teller, I use to count millions of money and other financial transactions especially during Monday. Since there are no banking days during Saturday and Sunday, Mondays are always busy. At that time, I use to see Money as only papers of no value..well because I am only counting one that is not mine. Sometimes the other tellers would say “How I wish I am a Nouveau Riche person!!! I would also say the same!!

I guess, you already know what Nouveau Riche means. I believed I also mentioned it here in my previous post but can’t just remember the exact date. Nouveau Riche simply means”new rich”. It is a French word which also means new money. How I wish I am a victim of Nouveau Riche but I am not!! people who became like this are just so lucky to obtain all the wealth and luxuries in the world.

There are lots of people in our society who became Nouveau Riche individuals. If you want to know more about Nouveau Riche, you can also try to visit Do you also know that there is already a school for this?? College courses are also available at Nouveau Riche. They specialized on the field of Real State Investment. If you are interested, just visit their site for more infos!! Happy Monday!!


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