Get Rid of Those Fire Ants

Just last night I watched a movie program regarding insects that are not good especially for households and human being. One insect being featured are the fire ants. I was quite scared watching the harm and danger of fire ants especially when they sting people. The question now is “how to get rid of fire ants“?? I saw the solution at Control Fire Ants. They provide guide and infos on how to eliminate fire ants. Know it yourself!! visit their site now!! I can finally eliminate the fire ants near our house!! Have a great day!!


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  1. spruitt77 Says:

    Ok, so I’m not really commenting on the fire ants, but I can remember being stung due to stepping on an anthill as a child and let me tell you, that was no fun! On a completely different note, I saw that you are in Germany! I was born there and lived overseas for a total of 13 years over 3 separate occasions and I LOOOOOVVVE it there. The closest I can get to it now is Canada! I moved back to the states 9 years ago and now North Carolina is my home. I love it here too. Hey, I’m looking for some impartial opinions about a book I’ve written. Would you consider looking at some excerpts on Google and offering feedback? The name of the book is Check Yourself! and you can get more information from my blogger page. I am spruitt77 there. Thanks! I really like your site and will return again:)!

  2. Euroangel Says:

    Hi Spruitt77, thanks a lot for the visit here…will be back gain to your page!!


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