The Car of your Dreams

I could still remember as I newly get my driving license here in Germany last 2005. Of course I want a new car but to a new driver like me , I really don’t need to have a new car. My first car was a second hand car where we bought to a dealer who sells all second hand cars. Since I got problems with my first car especially during winter time and the temperature go down to around negative 8 degree centigrade, the car won’t start anymore. We decided to return the car and find a better one. Now I have an almost brand new car called Smart For Four. I love my car. It don’t consume too much gasoline and we don’t pay too much tax and insurances compared to my old one. My car is just perfect for me. I really don’t need a car now but my husband said, it is also advantageous for me especially if I need to go to important appointments like going to the doctor and can even go shopping anytime or when I get bored I can just drive anywhere I want.

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