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There are different brands of cars around the world now. If you ask my opinion about cars, I believed Japanese and German cars are the best one. Japanese cars most especially are known for its durability, innovation, dynamism and creativity. One of the famous cars that are manufactured by Japanese is Subaru.

I got quite interested what really Subaru means and how these kind of cars are manufactured. “Subaru” got its name from a star constellation specifically known as Pleiades. Subaru is a Japanese word which simply means “Unite”…very cool brand name!! I was really impress. Subaru is also known for its use of “boxer engines” in most of their cars. What really impress me with my research about Subaru cars is about their environmental initiatives like recycling, reducing harmful emissions and the continuous education of their employees about the card of the environment.

Subaru also have lots of dealers all over the world. Alone in the United States, there are around 600 dealers. One of this is the New Subaru DC which is located in Washington, DC. Whatever models of Subaru you want from Exiga, Forester, Impreza, Justy, Legacy and a lot more can be ordered here. If ever they don’t have it in-stock right now, they can also have it available for you!! What a customer service!!

What are you waiting for…start the search and drive one of the best cars in the world!! Wish you all in advance a very enjoyable weekend!! take care everyone!!


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