Importance of Customer Feedback

I could still remember some experience as I worked before as Retail Supervisor in the U.S. Base. For sure 100% customers are Americans who are mostly soldiers, their families and workers inside the base. We have a customer feedback box or the so-called suggestion box near our entrance door. As far as I can remember, only the Manager has the key for that box. One day there was a feedback thanking a particular employee for being so helpful and friendly to the customers. There was also one time when a very angry Lady was really complaining because my other Co-Supervisor did not let her mother go inside the store because she don’t have ID Card. The lady was really very angry because it was winter time and outside was really freezing cold. The case was solved though after that certain Supervisor ask for apology to the customer.

Situation like this bring no good to the store or business and will even result to angry and dissatisfied customers. A Customer relationship marketing should also be implemented to always see to it that proper customer service are rendered to the customers.

Now there is already a certain website that facilitate customers’ ideas, thoughts or feedback about a certain product, company, group or organization. Suggestion Box is really a very great site that connects individuals and company or businesses. In this manner, both can help each other like for example a certain business to improve their services or products. This will also benefit the customers in return. Customer relationship management is really very important.

If you have a some ideas, thoughts or suggestion of anything, Visit their site now!!! make this world a better place!!!


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