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Owning a car in Germany also means getting an auto insurance. It is a mortal sin here if you don’t have one..Besides you cannot get a car registration if you don’t have one. I believed it is also true in the United States. I also agree that it is very important to have auto insurance because we don’t exactly know when accidents and emergencies happen..

I had a car accident in February last year. It is not really so bad. I mean as I backed-up my car I hit another car. This car was parked in a prohibited street. That street was so small that as I backed up my car, banggg!! The door on the driver’s side was scratched so bad. It happened so fast. The car was not parked there as I went inside my car..after a few minutes, I never thought that it was already parked there. I knew for a long time that the place where the car was parked is not allowed for parking. well, I am thankful that I have an insurance for my car who paid for the damages. Not too much stress in our part.

I would suggest to car owners or even to future car owners to have insurance for your car. If you need auto insurance quote, I would suggest a very good site for you. is U.S. leading provider of insurances from home insurance, auto insurance, health insurance and a lot more. If you want to have the best auto insurance coverage, this site is the perfect site for you.

You don’t know exactly when accidents or emergencies will take place. To be in the safe side and be ready for situations like, I highly recommend that you visit now their site!! Get the best auto insurance coverage in the nation!!! remember to drive always safely!!


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