From Rags to Riches

Have you ever heard about anybody who experienced poverty before and all of a sudden became millionaires or even billionaires. Or have you ever heard about the word NouveauRiche??if not then let me tell you a bit of it in my own understanding. “Nouveau Riche” is a French word which means “new rich”. Furthermore, it refers to people who were poor before and in a later time became wealthy and famous. I believed they became more famous because of their wealth and entrepreneurial skills. How I wish, I can be like that…In my dreams!!???

Sometimes I read magazines and surf in the internet about stories of the rich and the famous. It is just interesting to know that most NouveauRiche people have entrepreneurial skills which they used wisely and properly. Just like for example starting a small business and later on, these businesses turned into multi-million even multi-billion companies. Just imagine how these people used their talents and skills in order to reach that level of wealth.

I just read very interesting stories in CNN Money about people who became Nouveau Riche. Rich and famous individuals such as KING FAHD BIN ABDUL-AZIZ AL SAUD of Riyadh SAUDI ARABIA, FORREST MARS SR., of Las Vegas NEVADA, CHUNG JU-YUNG of Seoul KOREA, GAD RAUSING of Sussex ENGLAND, ESTEE LAUDER of New York NEW YORK and so many more.

Stories of these individuals are just very inspiring and amazing that sometimes you can say “unbelievable” but it happened. I just really admired their talents and abilities to reach that kind of level in life to be “Rich and Famous”. Why not take a look at CNN Money for more inspiring stories!! Have a great Thursday to all my friends!!


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