Disneyland, California

I finally found my other SD card with more that one thousand photos, I took from Disneyland, California. here is one of the pix I have from my Disneyland, CA trip!!

Happy weekend to all!!!!

photo by Ruby Benz


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  1. Kevinj813 Says:

    Hi Ruby…just dropped by and checked your blog out..Cool….I’ma big Disneyland fan AND I have traveled all over Europe, since I have a lot of family there! I proposed to my wife in Switzerland….I’m starting my Blog soon..so maybe we can exchange memories of Disney and any questions you may have about traveling…Sincerely, Kevin

  2. Euroangel Says:

    Hi Kevin, thanks for the visit here…tried to visit your blog but it seems I can’t leave any comment or message right now!! see yah later!!

  3. gandarynako Says:

    is that “its a small world?” it looks like tokyo disneyland 😉

  4. Euroangel Says:

    THANKS FOR THE VISIT HERE GANDARYAKO…this was in Disneyland, california not in Tokyo japan…please visit my other blogs for more photos!!

    please feel free to visit my other sites..thanks in advance..have fun!! have a great day!!

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  5. gandarynako Says:

    hi! i knew that is was in CA, as you indicated in your post 😉 i was simply marvelling at how alike the architectural composition of disney is, wherever in the world it may be. have a great week! 😉 – caryn


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