Visiting United States of America

United States of America, the land of the “green pasture” as it is called is a beautiful country. Many people from all over the world want to come and immigrate in this country for a greener pasture. Going to United States is no longer easy specially after what had happened in 9/11. That was a real tragedy.

I also applied for a tourist Visa last year in U.S. My sister invited me over there to attend her wedding. Sad to say my Visa was denied for some reasons. This is what the Consul told me why my Visa was denied; I am jobless and second my German husband is not going with me. What I can do is nothing. I have to respect their decision. I should seek for us immigration help to assist me in the paper works and interview.

If you are planning to visit or immigrate to U.S. , I would suggest that you seek for immigration services especially for processing your paper works and who will advice you of what you have to do during the process and even interview.

Immigration Law Help can be of help to you if you are seeking for immigration assistance. You can also find in their site relevant information when planning to immigrate there. They also provide you with important information, give you advice and they also perform legal counseling.

If you need any help regarding immigration, I would suggest that you visit their site now!! Simply fill-up their form and submit!!

Before I forget, I was in United States for two months and finally met my sister!! I am already visa-free being a German citizen now..That was a very memorable vacation!!!

overlooking the New York Hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

this Hotel looks like Disneyland…. in Excalibur Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas


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