Monday Bug tag

got this tag from my friend Butchay, thanks sis!! it’s been a while since I did not do tagging ..well because I was also away for some here it is..

1. Complete this phrase: “If only I could..”::

–> I will make this world a better place to war, no hunger, but only happiness to everyone!!! kuyawa ah!!

2. Did you get enough sleep last night?
–> I guess so..slept almost 12mn and woke up 8am

3. What were you doing before you slept last night?
–> in front of pc

4. First thing you thought about this morning when you woke up?
–> to call my dentist for appointment…and yup i got one tomorrow

5. Do you ever wonder why the sky is blue?
–> Oh yeah..i am just amazed by its beauty!!

6. Did you ever try to skip meals?
–> yes couple of times, but guess don’t work for me coz I got headache every time I get hungry

7. Lights on or off?
–> depends on the situation..when reading something..on..when sleeping, i need a bit light..i don’t like total darkness..i don’t can breath..

9. Are you afraid of the dark?
–> I guess so but it depends on the location..

10. Favorite hangout/s?
–> now at front of my pc..

11. People you can’t live without?
–> Hubby and family in pinas

12. What are your plans for tonight?
–> update my blogs and do bloghop to friends…watch TV..

13. Favorite song when you’re sleepy?
–> any as long as it is not painful to the ears..

14. Do you love someone, right now?
–> yes of course, lots of them…hahaha…mein Mann und meine Familie

15. Are you a giver or a taker?
–> both..

16. If you could choose another name, what would it be?
–> Mei or Leire..whatever

18. Last text message from?
–> my friend inviting me to a bday party on Sunday.

20. Stuck on a desert island & could have only one KIND of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
–> I guess my answer is Asian food…hahaha..not specified so as my answer.. :) or fruits perhaps

21. Favorite tv commercial/s?
–> can’t remember it..sorry!!

22. If you were dead and your soul was given another chance, what would you do first?
–> see my family and friends all over the world..

23. If you could choose your eye color,what color would you like to have?
–> I love my eyes but i like blue too..

24. What are the things you always bring?
–> cellphone, wallet, keys, lotion, cam, lip lots of stuff inside my bag…lol..

Now, I’m passing the tag to all my blogger friends!! grab this now!!


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