A New and Great Look to your Floor!!

I could still remember the water catastrophe we had in our house last December 2006. The water tube exploded during the night and as we woke up in the morning, downstairs was already flooding. Lots of furniture and equipments were destroyed. Our carpet in the living room was totally under water. The good thing is that we have insurance for this kind of emergency. Since then our carpet was still not replaced. My husband’s brother-in- law have some kind of special vacuum for cleaning and drying carpets and rugs. That’s what we used in cleaning and drying our carpets and other Rugs inside the house. That was a total catastrophe. But at least its over now. The living room and some other parts of the house downstairs are back to normal again.

My husband is trying to find time to fix and replace our carpet inside the living room. Hopefully in his next vacation leave this year. He really need to fix a lot inside our house after that water catastrophe.

Sometimes I am even looking for Cheap Rugs as replacement in our living room. I can see some advertisements in newspapers or flyers being thrown in our mail box. Even the advertisements will say 80% discounts, I am still not contented with the price. Just like for example a Mediterranean carpet that cost 10,000 Euros less 80% discount, well that is still expensive for me.

I just visited Superior Rugs. It is a shop that sells different kinds of carpets or Area Rugs. What I like about this site is that, it is easy to navigate. Easy to navigate because you can select all kinds of rugs you want. In their sidebar, you can search rugs in Shape, Color, Size or even search through Recommendation.

They also offer Rug Deal of the Day, Clearance Rugs and Final Area Rug Clearance where you can save your money up to 80%. Isn’t it a great offer!! As I navigate their Search by color, I came across these beautifully designed and colored red and burgundy rugs. I love those red ones as Red is one of my favorite color. How I wish I can have one of those!!

If you are searching for beautifully designed and quality cheap rugs, don’t hesitate to visit their site now!! Make your home look great, Only at Superior Rugs!!


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