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Pirates of the Carribean, Disneyland, California

just sharing some photos now….got a very hectic day today !! these photos are from our Ride in the Pirates of the Carribean in Disneyland, California…we really got great time over there!! Just saying hi to everyone…and thanks for visiting me here!! I really appreciate it!!

Learn and Enjoy Online Games at Home

How would you like to just sit back at home and have fun!! That is not impossible any more. Even if you just stay at home you can entertain yourself now. I would suggest that you Learn Poker. At Poker Professor, you can start learning Poker without the hassle of going anywhere. They also help […]

Visiting United States of America

United States of America, the land of the “green pasture” as it is called is a beautiful country. Many people from all over the world want to come and immigrate in this country for a greener pasture. Going to United States is no longer easy specially after what had happened in 9/11. That was a […]

A photo with my pet (J..) in Universal Studio Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. This is in Jurassic Park where we also had a ride and tour.We had fun most especially in the ride!!Enjoy your Wednesday!!

A New and Great Look to your Floor!!

I could still remember the water catastrophe we had in our house last December 2006. The water tube exploded during the night and as we woke up in the morning, downstairs was already flooding. Lots of furniture and equipments were destroyed. Our carpet in the living room was totally under water. The good thing is […]

Help in Your Studies

Getting into College is already an achievement. But getting your diploma in College is the true success!! College Life is also not easy. It requires lot of studies, effort, diligence and patience. I had been there, I experience that and I made it. Finally I got my diploma 14 years ago. It is a nice […]

Just a Push and You Can Talk

Modern technology is rapidly changing and improving. The benefit of modern technology we have now are just so great. Just like for example with the power of internet and cellphones, we can already communicate anywhere around the world. I myself is great benefited by the modern gadgets and equipments like the computers, television, cellphones, modern […]

Nuremberg Escapades

I’m just sharing some photos I have in Nuremberg last Saturday with friends..That was a very good time with friends…shopping is always included of course!!!need to sign-off now!! hope you got a great day today!! small shopping stores in Nuremberg Hans Sachs Brunnen in Nuremberg…a great fountain in this city at the Shopping street in […]

Success in Studies!

It is always nice to remember our school days. The fun, experiences and the learnings we had from our classmates especially from our mentors and teachers are just priceless. Especially in my college life, I really learned a lot not only developing my mental and intellectual aspects but my personal and spiritual aspects as well. […]

Blog Stats!!

What happened to my Google PR???? Just an hour ago I had PR 4 in this blog. The funny thing is that the small Mypagerank botton still have PR 4 but the big stat button had PR 3. I am quite confused…Oh well, I hope Big G is just kidding me… I believed my Alexa […]



Hi dear friends and visitors!! thanks for visiting me here!! Have a great and blessed day!!



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