Boxing Rematch: De La Hoya VS. Mayweather Jr.

My father’s favorite sport is boxing. I remember back in the Phillipines that he always watch boxing competition everytime there is always one. He is also a fan of the famous Filipino world boxing champion Manny Paquiao.

I also love to watch boxing in TV. I watched last year in May the fight of Mayweather and Dela Hoya. That was really a very exciting fight. How would you imagine fighting until the 12 rounds. Due to split decision by the board of judges, Floyd Mayweather Jr. won over Oscar De La Hoya. The fight was held at MGM Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas.

Good news to all fans of Mayweather Jr. and De La Hoya; there will be a rematch this coming September 20, 2008. I am just sad to know that at that time, I am no longer here in Las Vegas to witness this big event in boxing history. I will be leaving back to Europe in two weeks. I really want to watch it in person but I have to go home. Of course, I will watch it on TV again.

But anyway, I would like to encourage all the fans of these famous boxers to witness this spectacular boxing rematch of De La Hoya and Mayweather JR. Of course, you also need to have Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Oscar De La Hoya tickets. I just known that Manny Paqciao have also a fight this coming June 28 at Mandaly Bay Hotel and casino here in Vegas..hope to watch this event!!

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