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Backgammon Masters Offers Help to China’s Quake Victims

I guess, you already heard the calamity in China weeks ago wherein thousands of victims were dead during the earthquake. That was a very sad story, a tragedy where lots of families mourned over their love ones who were dead. Natural phenomenon like these is very painful, tragic and even brings millions of damages to […]

Wordless Wednesday

The Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. It is one of the biggest hotel here in Las Vegas.. I love the shopping center in this hotel !! Greetings from Las Vegas!! have a great Wednesday to all!!

Football Fan Addict

I remember my husband in Germany. I already miss him so much since I am in Las Vegas now having my vacation. Just like any man with favorite sports, my husband is a Football Fan Addict. He loves football very much…He even gets very excited once his team in Germany plays. He even told me […]

Biggest cactus I have ever seen!!

These are the biggest cactus I have ever seen in my life. As far as I can remember, these are located near Wells Fargo Bank near the Chinatown here in Las Vegas…sorry again, don’t remember the exact street here in Vegas.. well, I don’t care if people looked at me when I took this photo..besides […]

Knowing More About Sugar

Have you already heard the famous sugar producer from Brazil?? If you don’t have any idea of this, let me share it to you. I have been to their website before and the topics their about sugar production from Brazil caught my attention. Maybe some of you don’t know that Brazil is one of the […]



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