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College Sports Quiz

A guy walks into a restaurant, orders a drink, and asks the waiter if he’d like to hear a good Notre Dame joke. “Listen buddy,” he growled. “See those 2 big guys on your left? They were both linemen on the Notre Dame football team. And that huge fellow on your right was a world-class […]

Which country originated the driver’s test?

The driver’s test was invented in France. In 1893, drivers of all self-propelled vehicles had to undergo an exam that included driving ability and vehicle repair. somewhere in California on our way to Universal Studio, Hollywood, LA, Cal.amazing seeing this car without cover on its back!! only in America…this is verboten (not allowed) in Germany!!

Busy Street in Las Vegas

One still sunny and hot evening in the busy street of Las Vegas, I took this photo. See that double deck bus, lots of tourist are there!! See that white bridge, that’s where I usually pass when I go around the strip from Ballys to Flamingo Hotel and Casino and many more!! I will surely […]

How much beer is drunk during Oktoberfest?

Every year, Bavarians and their guests drink 1.2 million gallons of beer during Oktoberfest. The first Oktoberfest was in 1810 and celebrated the marriage of King Ludwig I of Bavaria.

Wordless Wednesday

in front of Caesars Place, my favorite Hotel and casino in Las Vegas, nevada…i’m still here counting my days to go home to Europe!! I will surely miss vegas and all the beautiful people esp. my family here!!God bless us all!!

I’m On The Top of The World!!

The highest elevation I reach in Las Vegas is at the top of Voodoo Lounge in Rio Hotel and casino..We went here last Sunday after watching Ringling Bros. Circus at New Orleans Arena..We were at the 51th floor…wheww that was really very high. My sister ahs a fear in heights, I guess since she was […]

My Game Guide

Are you a game geek?? I know somebody whom I guess a game addict. He collects all different kinds of games that whatever the new releases are, he also want to have it. It might be his hobby. I guess, I can recommend a good site for him and of course for you too who […]

Joke time

New Math Little Johnny returns from school and says he got an F in arithmetic. “Why?” asks the father. “The teacher asked ‘How much is 2×3?’ and I said ‘6’” “But that’s right!” “Then she asked me ‘How much is 3×2?’” “What’s the blankety-blank difference?” “That’s exactly what I said!”

Boxing Rematch: De La Hoya VS. Mayweather Jr.

My father’s favorite sport is boxing. I remember back in the Phillipines that he always watch boxing competition everytime there is always one. He is also a fan of the famous Filipino world boxing champion Manny Paquiao. I also love to watch boxing in TV. I watched last year in May the fight of Mayweather […]

Vegas Update

Just giving you a little update of my escapades here in Vegas. We went Sunday in New Orleans Arena to witness the breathtaking, exciting and funny Circus of Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus. I felt i AM A SMALL KID AGAIN really enjoying the show. It’s been around 18 years since I haven’t […]



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