Yummy Lechon in Vegas!!

Yesterday was my bro-in-law’s birthday party!! Some friends mostly Filipinos were the visitors. As usual party for Filipinos don’t have much fun without karaoke!! Some of their friends really have fun especially the food!! hehehe…very yummy…see that pix below…the famous Filipino lechon..They ordered it on one of the Filipinos restaurant here..

I was just so tired yesterday, since I do all the cookings like menudo, adobo, chop suey, pancit canton, sotanghon, cassava cake, some sort of choco fudge cake and some more..

don’t have good photos esp. for the food since i figured out today after downloading the pix that the flash of the camera was not on last night …not a good thing..

wish everyone a great Sunday esp. to all great hot Mommas out there!!! Happy Mothers’ Day!! God bless you always!! i’m not a momma yet!!

the famous Filipino lechon…i guess lechon in Pinas still taste very better since it is cook with firewood…unlike here in vegas, it is done by big ovens!! still not so bad…i ate a lot yesterday!!!!hmmmmm…yummy!!! some of the left-overs were taken home by friends…i cooked some lechon paksiw today!!! yummy again!!


3 Responses to “Yummy Lechon in Vegas!!”

  1. Admin Says:

    ayay kalami. gutom ko ug samot da. walay sobra…paki email bi. hehehe

  2. twinkletoe Says:

    ayay ka! lechon man jud.. perti kalami! wala na diri kay bawal.. hahaha.. :] paibog bya ay…

  3. Lily Says:

    Asus Rub’s ayaw kalimot padad-i ko ha I mail lang akoa share lol 🙂 hehehe see las vegas daghan filipino foods and store di bah.

    anyway ni agi ra nimo dinhe bitin ko sa imong mga pics dah. na sige ayo ayo dinha enjoy and take all the time to see las vegas.

    See you soon.


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