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Best Online Coupons

I always love shopping. I believed most women love this part of life which is shopping. I already did some shopping here in Las Vegas especially for souvenirs that I can bring back to Germany. I still need to do a lot of shopping for souvenirs. One friend in Germany is even asking a dice […]

How often Mughal ladies change their clothes?

In the harem of Mughal kings in India, ladies of royal blood changed their garments several times a day and never put them on again. They were then given to slaves. palm tree in Vegas.. i love them…

Web Hosting Choice

It is always my dream to host a website of my own. I just don’t have enough resources and knowledge to do it. Hopefully after my vacation here in Las Vegas, I want to learn and study how to web host a page. With the modern technology that we have now like internet, we can […]

I Love Las Vegas

The entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas. We went last saturday night at Fremont street here in Vegas. There were a lot of people at the famous street in downtown Fremont. It seems like there was a feast like the October Feast in Germany. There were lots of people that time because there were […]

JRSMedical Express

Do you leave somewhere in the province or in a small village?? Is the place not so accessible when you need some important things like medical supplies. Now, it is not a problem anymore. As you long as you have internet at home or maybe your neighbor got one, you can already order medical supplies […]



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