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Blog it up and earn extra income!!

Hello to all people especially bloggers who love to write all the things they wanted like ideas, opinions or even your personal experiences!!! If you want to have some extra income, visit now and experience the opportunity to join the biggest advertising media on blogs in Europe. Besides earning extra income, you will also […]

Flower Time!!

I took this photo in front of the Nursing Home where my sister works here in Las Vegas..very nice landscape!! I thought there are no plants and trees in las Vegas but they have some…not really that much compared to the other states here!! Wish everyone a great Wednesday!!!

Looking for Traffic Guards!!

Anyone looking for traffic control devices?? Trafficguard Direct specializes in manufacturing quality and manually operated removable and collapsible vehicle access control security bollard. It helps you secure your restricted access area and even preventing unwanted vehicle access in your area. It also provides protection against high common ram-raiding crime. also offers the right products […]

Palm Trees in Las Vegas

As we drove my sister to her work place, I was able to see a bit of las Vegas. While stopping at one of the gasoline station, I spotted this Palm Tree. It is my first time to see this kind of palm tree. It is really beautiful!! simple beauty like this need to be […]

Best Ride in Town!!

I am in US now!! You know that right?? I always wanted to see the different places here in US like Washington, Florida, Dallas, Manhattan, Brooklyn, NJ, etc… and most of all New York City..It is quite very far from Las Vegas to drive until New York City. I believed the best way is to […]



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