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Wordless Wednesday

I was amazed by the size of this tree in Lengenfeld last time…so I took a photo..guess this is already hundred years old..its leaves start to grow again!! well it is still spring time now!! all leaves and flowers of plants and trees start growing again!! have to go to sleep now!! still need to […]

To USA Instead of Pinas!!

Days are running so fast..Instead of going home to Philippines, I am going instead in USA..I am having a feeling of complexity…I don’t know what lies ahead in USA..but I will try to see what life offers there..Besides only God’s know what’s best for me!! I love Europe and I love Germany..After knowing a lot […]

Baby Shower of Maria

We gathered today at Lily’s house to celebrate the baby shower of Maria..She will be giving birth to a baby boy on June..It is her first baby and of course she is very are some photos we got today…and of course don’t forget to have the yummy delicious food!!!! Please also visit Simply The […]

Spring Green!!

It is spring time now!! Our surroundings are starting to get green again!! it is such a happy and lively feeling seeing the plants, trees and flowers to start growing again turning to green..As we were on our way to Neumarkt, I took some photos..well being a photo addict!! wink!! Today was a very wonderful […]

I Love to Cook!!

I love to cook!! My husband and family said that I can cook very good!!! wink!!…here’s one menu I made at Lily’s house last Wednesday..My friend Maria brought the fishes…anyway during that day, we are like crazy that we cooked a lot of food..To mention some which include Dinuguan, Nilagang Buto ng baboy, Ginataang isda, […]



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