5 Common Reasons Why Siblings Fight

Siblings have always been people in whom you can easily confide when there is absolutely no one to look up to and these are the people who will always have you back no matter what.

Even if you are apart this Raksha Bandhan, you can still send rakhi to USA send rakhi to USA from India or vice versa to express your love for them. But irrespective of your love that you have for them, it has always been a common phenomenon for siblings to fight despite the love that they have for each other. The fights that the siblings usually indulge in are verbal, intense and sometimes even physical. The fighting that exists between siblings is a universal fact. It is quite unheard that two individuals are siblings and yet they don’t fight. We have come up with top 10 reasons why siblings end up in a bitter fight with each other.

Even though your parents love both of you equally but it is usually the case that one kid needs more attention than the other which makes the other kid feel that he or she is the victim of not being loved. Parents don’t do it intentionally but the other children are bound to feel insecure quite naturally which makes it the reason of fight.

There are certain things in life about which we are extremely possessive, it can be a phone, personal diaries, clothes or any other thing which they have held quite closely to their heart. And often these things if touched by another individual especially your siblings might land you in hot waters.

Many teenage siblings have faced this problem, there are times when you need your own personal space and when you are not given that it becomes a reason for your fight. It can become a highly irritating factor which can fuel battles between you and your siblings. They should support each other feelings and respect each other’s space.

It is hard to share when both of you are facing the same problem. There are times when both of you are hungry at the same time and you have just a single meal to share. You stop behaving like humans and on the other hand start behaving even worse than animals and amidst that fight you would always prefer more than your share.

It is hard to share when both of you are facing the same problem. There are times when both of you are hungry at the same time and you have just a single meal to share. You stop behaving like humans and on the other hand start behaving even worse than animals and amidst that fight you would always prefer more than your share.

Television remotes have always been the subject of sibling fight. Don’t consider television remotes to be a cliché issue as each of them might want to watch their own preferred channel and when that doesn’t happen then a fight is sure to commence.

Despite all these reasons and many more like this one, you still love them. Even when they are miles away from you, you don’t forget a single opportunity to send rakhi to USA from India, choosing one of the finest options online and expressing it by getting an online delivery at their doorstep along with a thoughtful gift option.


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5 most common Indian Parents logical Phrases

Some of the most funny and ridiculous phrases are said by the Indian parents while raising their kids and all of us have truly went through that typical phase. The irony of fate is that when these kids grow up, they also throw these lines to their kids. They are as follows:

  1. You know that money doesn’t grow on trees: Indian parents would never get tired of saying this particular phrase to their kids whenever they demand something unreasonable. Be it getting a video game, phone, or a swing in the courtyard – parents would always postpone the plan and end the discussion with this simple line. But after growing up, we understand that really money is very hard earned and it is something we can call “Khoon Pasiney ke paisey” or money earned by boiling the blood and sweat together. As a 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents, you can give them a ticket to some exotic location. 1.silver jubliee anniversary gift



Thankful for a Simple But Beautiful Life in Europe

Before the day ends, I would like to thank the Highest Honor for today, which marks my new life here in Europe! 13 years ago the Lord of Adventures sent me to this continent to explore it and be my second home . There are ups and downs, challenges and failures, trials and problems but I chose to stand up with all of the adversities in life and I believed, I was able to conquer and survive in most of it and I stand tall at the end.

Thanks God for making me strong, determined and for giving me a positive attitude to succeed in everything I do. It is not easy to be away thousands of miles away from your family, loveones and friends. I am thankful to my family near and far and to all people and friends who inspired me, accepted me for who I am and most of all for all the love, support and understanding you give. I know the fight is still not over but with your help and the support from UP ABOVE, I know, I am never alone. (more…)


Wish to Watch a Concert

I am back and thanks goodness, I am still alive and kicking! I guess, I am still having a jetlag from that long vacation in Asia. I  can’t still  fathom that I am back to reality for some  days now. This is probably the reason why I was not able to open my laptop for the past days.  I am still tired because it was not really a vacation where you can relax but it was also a lot of work during those weeks when I was away. Besides, I am still adjusting on my sleeping time. I need to turn all the screws and volts the other way around to get back my normal life here in Europe. lol! (more…)


What Is The First Step To Take In Alcohol Treatment?

As soon as physical dependence to drugs or alcohol appears, the entire world changes. Withdrawal symptoms appear whenever stopping the intake and detoxification becomes incredibly important. Alcohol craving is not reduced as you might think. In most cases the individual will need to fight the craving for the rest of his/her life. This is definitely stressful.

Detoxification is normally a necessity when alcohol addiction is present. There is a need to make this commitment. However, most people that go through an alcohol rehab program will fail. (more…)


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