Saying Goodbye to Golden October

The days are getting shorter and the nights are  getting longer! These are  the signs that the  golden month of October  is here and it is ending  soon!  I hope  everything or I would say  the past days of the month went well to everyone. So far, it is a good month for me and I am very grateful about it. There are so many things to be thankful again.

Autumn Foliage in Bavaria, Germany. I love the beauty of nature in this season.

If the people in Northern hemisphere are having spring season, Northern hemisphere has autumn or fall. For some who are living in Northern hemisphere, they might be complaining of the cold weather. This is the time of the year when it starts to get cold and sometimes really very cold. It depends on your location and sometimes temperature might even fall to sub-zero. (more…)


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Why Do Lapel Pins Make Great Gifts?[pt] 10.26.14[pt] There are many organizations that prefer to give lapel pins as gifts to their most accomplished members, but these lapel pins must have a purpose. Every person who wears these lapel pins will feel proud, but the group needs to figure out how and why they will give these pins to their members. The ideas below are going to make it easy for the group to make decisions about their next round of gifts and commemorations.

The Pin Style


Vacation Approved! Where is the Next Destination?

How’s your weekend folks? I hope you are  ending it great. For our friends in  Asia and other countries down under, they are already entering the last weekdays of October. Wow, I can’t imagine that the second BER month is  coming to an end soon. This weekend  marks the last weekend of the month. Time truly flies so fast.

Just sharing this photo. This is the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. It is known as the most expensive building in the world.  This was taken during my vacation in Southeast Asia this year.

So far, I  have a wonderful weekend.  Yesterday, we were meeting some families  and relatives. It was the first time we did it in this part of the planet. I heard from those who attended that they also had a great one last night.  Since everybody is busy,  the get-together was held in a restaurant, which I also found good. It saved time and effort for everyone especially  with all the preparation for the little party. (more…)


Guiddoo- A Great Help When You Travel to be Your Personal Tour Guide and Planner

How was your day? I hope you  are having a wonderful one today. It  was a  great one  for me! I am very  excited because this afternoon, I finally booked a trip for my first travel in Africa.  I know a lot of people are  now afraid  to travel to this continent especially to the countries where  the Ebola virus are  currently spreading.  Of course, I am not traveling to those parts  of Africa but I will be heading up to the North.  After  the confirmation I received  last Friday  that my vacation leave was approved, I did not  waited too long  but immediately searched for my next trip. I know  where I want to go  and immediately  booked the  trip. Guiddo



Specialized Powerful Software for Converting Video Files to Various Formats

At present, people do not have to buy various software tools for converting video files, they have the amazingly designed video converting software, and they can hundreds of formats, in no time. When people have installed this all-in-one video converter, they can their job of converting the formats, brilliantly.


The speed of the converter is just above the descriptions and in fact, it converts formats more than 80X of the original speed of the video files. Of course, when people are involved with format conversion of movies, they may not have the editing jobs. On the other hand, there are popular videos, which need editing. No additional editing tools are required, when the video editors are using the Movavi editing software. (more…)


Missing the Fun and Party at Home

It’s been almost four months now since my last vacation in my home country. Honestly, I am missing it so much. Who would not miss the place where you grew up, where your family and friends are and most especially where your home  is? I also miss the sunshine, the blue sky, the beach and the food. What else? I just can’t enumerate at the moment but  there are so many things I miss from there.

Who would not miss this place? I will for sure go back here one day….for good! (more…)



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