How Trendy Are You?

Clothing trends seem to change all of the time. It isn’t always easy to keep up with what is in style, especially if you are one a tight budget. One thing that never seems to go out of style is the t-shirt. Even more, the t-shirts that feature influential designs that have been around for years are always on trend. Whether you are trying to be ironic, or you simply like the message that these shirts express, you can be trendy without having to buy a brand new wardrobe. (more…)


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That Visit in San Remo, Italy

Time seems to pass so quickly nowadays. Imagine we are already on the middle of January 2015! I hope you had good times during the first weeks of 2015. For now, I have nothing to complain except that I really find it hard to go online so often as before. This is the consequence of having a full time job. I also miss those years when I just sit down in front of my laptop and keep on writing articles in my blogs. I hope those days will be backed again.

A fountain and some shops in San Remo during my visit in 2011 with friends. Sanremo or San Remo is a city on the Mediterranean coast of western Liguria in north-western Italy.


Travel to Britain … Bring Your Dog

Rye.EG.01.13.15When you go on holiday, if you have a dog, it can be difficult. Do you lump it on a relative who agreed through gritted teeth; do you drop it off at a kennel where you know it will be traumatised from being left in a strange place with strangers; or do you bring it along? Some holidays aren’t exactly made for dogs. For example theme park holidays in Florida, beach holidays in Italy, or clubbing holidays in Ibiza. (more…)


Hello 2015! What’s Up for this Year?

Happy New Year 2015!  I know  I am already very late  in extending my greetings for this year. Good to know and I would say, “better late  than never”. I am just too busy  to greet you all earlier   and I apologize for that. If you are my friends in social media, you might be able to read my  greetings for 2015.

How’s the “Year of the Sheep” started with you guys?  And yes, this year is called  the “Year of the Sheep” according to Chinese Zodiac Sign. If you love Chinese Astrology, you might know some or all of the signs of the years. (more…)


Liven Up a Christmas or Hanukkah Gathering with These 3D-Printed Gifts

During a holiday party, it’s common to find mistletoe hanging over a doorway somewhere, so that an unsuspecting person can walk underneath and receive a kiss from an admirer. Using a 3D printer, you can print your own mistletoe decoration with the built-in filaments and then keep it for future Christmas parties. For Jewish people getting ready for Hanukkah, the printers can also create unique dreidel and menorah designs that are a lot of fun. Instead of using traditional Hebrew, this dreidel has a cartoonish face with a different expression on each side — happy, sad, puzzled, and surprised. The menorah takes a similarly modern approach, with a tasteful design that would look great on any dinner table. In this handy infographic, you’ll find designs for the menorah, dreidel, mistletoe, and seven more holiday objects that can be built using a 3D printer. (more…)


Caring for your Toolbox

If you properly care for your toolbox – such as those found at –, it can provide you with a lifetime of use. Unfortunately, some consumers don’t know how to maintain their toolbox. The following tips can help ensure your toolbox lasts for years to come.

• Lay a clean tarp or cloth on a level surface. Carefully dump or remove everything from your toolbox and place on the tarp or cloth. (more…)



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