Happy with the Little Accomplishments at Home

The days are getting busy. I know many of you are really very busy everyday especially those who are working full timXmas.decors.IMG_7358e. I am talking about women here. When you come back at home, you still have the family and children to take care of, house chores to do and other personal things to be done. I can’t imagine busy mothers out there who have these situations. Respect to them and thank goodness, I am not one, but still I always have a busy life everyday.

I am thankful that these week, I have done little accomplishments. These maybe simple but I am happy that I was able to do it despite busy schedule. Here they are;

Putting-Up the  Christmas Decors

Christmas is almost here. In my home country, people start to decorate starting the first BER month. This means that some are already putting-up their Christmas decorations in September. This also means that I am already late. lolz! I am glad that my Christmas tree, the Advent wreath and putting up of Christmas decors on the windows are already done. I just need to put another hanging wreath on the entrance door and everything is good, I guess. It was quite a work especially getting the stuffs at the attic and putting the decors together. (more…)


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New Winter Tires for my Car

How’s your weekend folks? I hope you are ending it great. To all my friends in Asia and Australia since it is over for you now, I hope you had a nice one. I am glad,  I am feeling very better now after being hit by a flu virus. Thanks goodness, I immediately went to the doctor for medicine prescription or else, I will not really feel better.

I am also glad that the new winter tires were finally put-up in my car. It is very important especially that winter is fast approaching. For now, we are having a mild autumn compared to the first years I had here in Europe. Those first years had really bad weather especially during autumn and winter seasons. The temperature the past days were still positive and it is not falling to sub-zero specially during the day. (more…)


An FHA Home Loan Can Make It Possible to Own a Home

First-time homebuyers can take advantage of a mortgage that is backed by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). These loans offer several benefits such as a low minimum down payment, less stringent credit expectations and more flexible income requirements. Providers of fha home financing don’t simply dismiss an applicant because they don’t meet a certain criterion. The applicant’s whole situation is taken into consideration to determine eligibility.

What Is an FHA Mortgage?

The money you are given to by a FHA-backed mortgage is not from the FHA. You’ll receive the funds from an FHA-approved lender, and the FHA will guarantee the loan. This means that several different lenders will probably offer the same kind of loan. However, lenders have flexibility, so it is also possible that some lenders will give you the loan and others will not. The FHA guidelines are the same for any lender. (more…)


A Stunning Bespoke Kitchen Can Help Sell Your Home!

If you are having some trouble selling your home, one big reason could be the kitchen. A good kitchen is a must-have for most homebuyers, and for this reason, it is the most important room in your house. There can be many reasons why a homebuyer dislikes a kitchen, but some of the top reasons for dismissing a kitchen are out-of-date aesthetics, dysfunctional layout and organizational systems, and poor quality. If you are looking to sell your home, it is absolutely worth the investment to install a Bespoke Kitchen before you put your house on the market! Read on to find out more about why a Bespoke Kitchen can help sell your home.


Beautiful Design

The world-class designers at Bespoke Kitchens will help you design your perfect kitchen, and it really will be your perfect kitchen. There are many different options in cabinet colour, countertop material, and hardware as well as any other detail needed to make your kitchen perfectly come together perfectly.  (more…)


Time to Take-Out Winter Clothing and Accessories

Now is the season of the year when the temperature is going down. It depends on your location on the globe and sometimes  it is even reaching to sub-zero temperature. Autumn or fall season is the time when it gets chilly and cold. This is the season  of the year that signals us to slowly get ready for the coming winter. CIMG9341

Taking  Winter Clothing and Accessories out  of the Closet

Since last month, I already started to pull-out some winter clothing and accessories. In fact, I am already wearing them everytime I go out now. Whether I go to work, do some grocery shopping or go walking outside, I need to wear something warm to protect me from the cold weather. I don’t want to get sick, so it is better to wear warm clothes. (more…)


Moving On a Budget

The reality behind the decision to save money depends on whether you want the payoff now or later. Every decision either has an immediate payoff or a delayed payoff. If people don’t save now, they will be forced into “saving” at a later time by living on less money when they retire due to inflation and other instances that cause a reduction in salary. Moving can be costly, but there are ways to save money before the moving process, during the process and setting up the new place.

Before packing up and deciding what to take, throw a mutual housewarming party with others. The idea is that everyone brings items they don’t need or wish to trade and trade with others. Trading items is an excellent cost-efficient approach to introducing new items to the house. Making a game out of it is also fun. Use the white elephant gift exchange for extra fun. However, do not take items that will not be kept for the new place. It is pointless to keep an item only to discard it. It may offend friends and family if that item was given away as well. (more…)



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