6 Great Upgrades For Your Garage

Do you spend a lot of time in your garage? Are you frustrated by the limits presented by poor equipment or clutter that stops creatioLV.RB.08.29.14.MonsterRAX-Corner-thumbn? If you’re ready to elevate your garage into something more, here are just six ways to make a change.

1: Workbenches

Quit wasting your time with that wooden workbench you inherited from the previous homeowner. Workbenches are the centerpieces of the modern garage, so go ahead and splurge for something made of heavy-duty stainless steel or something that folds, rolls and rotates for your convenience.

2: Florescent Lights

If you’re still working under halogen bulbs, you’re missing out on all the clarity and sharpness offered by florescent lights. Install a few bars with your next paycheck and see how much of a difference they can make. You’ll have your entire garage outfitted with florescence in no time.

3: Overhead Organization

If you’re tired of tripping over things on the floor, get everything out of your way by putting it above your head. Racks can be hung from the ceiling for bins and bags; plastic tubs can be slid into metal leads; even nets can offer sanctuary for old basketballs and other sports equipment. Visit a site like Garage Appeal (http://www.garageappeal.com/overheadstorageracks.aspx) for more organizational options.

4: Soundproof Walls

Do you spend a lot of time sawing, cutting and welding? Do you host band practices in your garage on alternate Sundays? Soundproof your walls to prevent noise from becoming a point of contention with your neighbors or family members. If you can work it into your existing electrical system, it won’t even cost that much.

5: Toolboxes

Toolboxes have come a long way from the little red containers that you used to buy at hardware stores. They’re now available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, and they can include everything from ball-bearing drawers to advanced locking mechanisms. Some can even double as a workbench if you’re low on space and hoping for something utilitarian.

6: Compressed Air

No mechanic should be without compressed air tools. They do require an initial investment to build your collection, but the payoff is that they’ll make automotive repairs much faster and easier. Who knows how much you could save in the long run?

Whether you’re building a man cave or just looking for more cost-efficient ways to power, organize or light your garage, use these ideas to transform your space into something worthy of pride.


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What Ring Do You Wear?

63775 Happy TGIF to all people around the planet! I just realized that my favorite month is almost ending. The last weekend of August is about to come and end and another month is slowly approaching. I hope this month is ending great for you all. I would say, over all, it is a good month for me. Not really a perfect one because there is really no such things as perfect.

Anyway, just asking what kind of ring are you wearing right now? Before I started working last week, I was reminded that no rings are allowed to be worn when you are working except for wedding rings. Sad to say, I cannot take off the only ring I am wearing since over a decade for now.  (more…)


Back to Work Again

I can’t believe that I am back to  work  again. After  living a partly digital  nomadic life travelling to many countries and places  for almost 8  years now , it is time to  settle again.  According to my travel inventory, I had travelled to  42 countries during those years. I am still not done  counting how many places and cities did I exactly visited because I still have to dig some travel records for that.  I  still want to travel  to many countries  but since resources are limited now and earning money online is not the same anymore compared to the past 7  years, I decided to find a job and landed on one.  (more…)


Planning for Another Project

Hello everyone! How’s the start of your weekend? I hope it is doing great. Not really that bad for me. Besides, I just got back home from a recent trip in Poland. I had a wonderful time visiting some towns and cities in this country. It was also a special holiday since it was where I spent birthday.

Back to the main topic. Another project will be starting soon. I am still not done with my home improvement but another one will begin in some weeks from now. The family is planning to build another home in the city and I hope that this will work well. Budget is still not foreseen but I know for sure that this will cost a fortune again. Thanks goodness that I will not be alone in shouldering all the expenses. My sisters from the US will also help. (more…)


Choosing the Right Shoes for Skateboarding, Scooter Riding, and Biking

When you’re in to any type of sport, having the proper equipment and clothing is very important. When you perform on your feet, the shoes that you choose to wear are particularly important. Although at first glance it might seem like any shoe will do for X-games-type sports like skateboarding, scooter riding, and biking, it’s important to consider your choices carefully. Some people might be prone to choose shoes based solely on the brand name. While there are plenty of brands that make a quality skater shoe, you really need to consider the makeup of the shoe to determine what will work best for you. (more…)


Goodbye July, Hello Harvest Month

Hello  folks how’s your July month doing?  I hope  you are having a good one especially today, the last day  of the month. August is inevitable and it is coming in some hours,  European time. In  other parts of the globe especially in Asia, they are welcoming now the eight month of the year. Cheers  to  it!

So far, I  have nothing to complain with or  about something.  July seems to be a good one for me.  There are blessings coming in and even though  it is not really that much but still, I am grateful about it. I am still lucky that I live in a place with democracy  compared to other countries who are at war  at the moment especially in the Gaza Strip and the chaos in Ukraine. Let’s continue to  pray for peace in those places and in the whole world as well. (more…)



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