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Simple Solutions
If you are like many people who rely on their wheelchair for moving about throughout the day or consistently depend on movable medical equipment for taking care of yourself or someone else, you may find that the casters on your medical equipment can become worn out or damaged due to heavy use. However, the good news is that rather than replacing the entire piece of equipment when it fails to roll smoothly, you can simply replace the existing casters with a brand-new set. (more…)


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Grateful for a Wonderful January

The first month of 2016 is almost ending in this part of the planet where I am currently stranded.  I am trying my best to realize what does January  brought me. If I have to sum up everything, I would say thank you January for being good to me. Most of all thanks  God for all your goodness  to me and my family.


We have to accept that life is not perfect. There are always trials, problems, predicament,  challenges and the like. It is actually up to us on how we handle and solve it. Sometimes, we just simply need to  smile and laugh for all of these as these are parts of our lives.  Maybe without it, life  is boring. Always remember, we are never given all those challenges and problems if we cannot carry it!

January is so far a wonderful month and I am so grateful about it.  Here are the highlights  for this fast-ending month; (more…)


The First Shopping Escapade for 2016

Shopping, shopping, shopping!  We all  know that many  of us ladies and women out there love this word. I even heard from some friends that shopping is there therapy. I guess, therapy for loneliness especially when  we are working abroad and shopping is only one of our outlets to cure it.  I believed it is not a  bad idea but hey watch out for your pockets and credit cards  not to overspend. Be sure to stay in your budget  or else you may get broke!

One of my favorites malls in Regensburg, Bavaria, the Donau Einkaufszentrum or Danube Shopping Mall.

I have to admit, I also love shopping. I would say, I am a frugal shopaholic since I only  buy items that are on sale. Unless I really love a certain thing like a pair of shoes or clothing, I would surely buy it no matter what the price is and I have a budget for it. (more…)


A Friend Who Loves To Play Musical Instruments

What a cold day we have today! It is still winter season and the snow is currently enjoying its beauty outside. I love watching the winter scenery especially when I am driving on my way to work, seeing all those trees filled with snow. Sad to say, I don’t like this freezing cold weather. What an irony! (more…)


Making Bar-Quality Drinks at Home

Almost everyone has a favorite drink when they are out at the bar. Think of how much you spend on drinks at a bar. Then, consider how much you could save by figuring these drinks out and making them at home yourself. It starts with a little research and the right ingredients. You may even come up with a unique drink of your own.

The Liquor
The price of a bottle of liquor does not mean it is lesser quality than another. Choose the brand that you prefer for your drinks. It is important to be careful when mixing multiple types of liquor into a single drink. If you use three different types of liquor and use one shot each; that is equal to 3-ounces of liquor. (more…)


Thank You 2015 for the Amazing Highlights You Brought

A warm and positive welcome to 2016! I can’t believe that we are already stepping another year starting today. Indeed, time flies so fast. I can’t thank God enough for giving me an awesome 2015.   As what I mentioned here that there are ups and downs in our lives, 2015 was still a wonderful year if I have to sum it up. It was not a perfect year but there are more positive  outcomes and happenings that year.

The View across collapsed caldera in Santorini, Greece. Thank you 2015 for showing me beautiful places.

There are a lot to be thankful of. I would say, life has been better and lighter for me especially during the last month of 2015.  So far, for now, these are the highlights during the past year.

Traveled so far to 10 Countries

Despite having a full time job, I still managed to travel to 10 countries in Europe.  Thanks to the privilege of having a 30-day paid vacation leave each year in my job, I can explore any places or countries in  any continents.  Besides with my current location, it is so easy to travel  and cross country in some hours.  I wish I can  travel more but still, I am grateful that I  am fulfilling my dreams of seeing  the world little by little, from time to time. So far, the most traveled year I had was in 2013 visiting 23 countries all in all. (more…)



Hi dear friends and visitors!! thanks for visiting me here!! Have a great and blessed day!!

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