Three Easy Strategies To Help Maximize Wellness

These days, the wellness movement is bigger than ever as people all over the globe seek simple solutions that can help them obtain optimal mental and physical health. If this is your current objective, it’s important to note that there are several easy strategies you can implement to help maximize wellness. Here are three of them:

1. Address Illness.

If you’re serious about maximizing wellness, it is first necessary to understand and address any illnesses that you have. This can range from seriously debilitating conditions like diabetes to less severe ailments such as sinus inflammation.  (more…)


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Fiji, the Best Place to Spend Your Honeymoon Vacation

Are you  on the process of planning for your  wedding? There are a lot of  to-do-list before planning for your big day and for sure  your honeymoon getaway  must   be included in the plan.  It should be a perfect place to spend those memorable days  where memories  last for a lifetime.

There are so many  beautiful places  on earth  where you can spend that special holiday,  to celebrate your marriage in intimacy and seclusion.  An exotic and romantic destination would be a perfect choice for you and that is spending a holiday in this paradise called Fiji. (more…)


Plumbing Problem Finally Fixed

It was a tough afternoon I had today.  I believed not only me,  but the whole of the neighborhood. I thought  I  cannot finish all the household chores because  the faucet won’t drop any water anymore.

At first, I heard the loud siren  of the fire truck passing-by.  I though  there was accident nearby or a fire somewhere in the neighborhood.  I just noticed that the sound of the siren stopped just  near  our house.  I was also thinking that the other neighbor who is a disable  needs to be rushed to the hospital.  I stop for awhile and said a prayer hoping that nothing bad really happened. (more…)


Learning to Play Musical Instruments is Not Too Late

What a lovely day today with w perfect sunny weather!  I wish,  I am at  home doing some gardening, go walking or cooking some of my favorite foods.  Sad to say, I have to go to work and at the moment  I am  so tired  from having a busy day at work.  I am still thankful, I am  in this  world and still alive and kicking. lol!

Anyway, back to the main menu! So as the saying goes, “It is never too late to learn something”. I am just  wondering of this saying also applies to me. I can  only say, I still want to do many things in my life and I believed, it is never too late to do it especially if you have the will and the passion to do it.  (more…)


Thankful to Get a Permanent Job

Hello folks! How have you been? How was your first days of the month? I hope everything is doing great  to all of you out there.  It seems that yesterday when  the month of June left us and here we come almost facing the middle of July. For now, I can’t complain for anything.

It is almost a year now since I started working. It is not really my dream job. It is even not related to what I studied  in school  (Bachelor’s of Science in Commerce majoring in Accounting) and my previous job experiences especially at the bank but it is still a job  and better than nothing at all.  I am glad that I am earning my own money again.

IMG_7234The garden in the first retirement home. I wish I am there right now. (more…)


Happy To Welcome Another Month of 2015

So, I am officially saying goodbye to the month of June! The sixth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars is over now. So far, I can’t complain for last month’s happenings and over all, for the first half  of 2015. There were challenges and trials but  we have to accept that it is part of our lives. We just need to be always hopeful and remain positive  in reacting to all of these challenges and trials.

As of now, I am gladly welcoming the month named  in honor of the Roman general, Julius Caesar. Prior to that the month of July, it was called Quintilis.  I believed  this month will be a wonderful month for me and for also  for all of  you out there. (more…)



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