Why It is Important for a Blogger Like Me to Back-up All Important Files

Being a blogger is sometimes difficult especially if you are not a computer or tech geek. Thanks to my blogger friends and some blogger groups in the internet who are helping me with  problems I encounter especially  in my blogs, its hosting and the like.

I am not really an expert but there are so many things I learn from time to time being in the blogosphere for almost a decade now. Being a blogger can be very challenging. It is also a fun thing especially if you are doing what you really love. I always love writing my ideas, thoughts and personal experiences and sharing it in my blogs. I might not be the expert but at least, I can express myself.  (more…)


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Skills You Develop from Working in Social Care

Social care jobs are wide-ranging, but anyone entering this area of work will develop a huge range of skills no matter what role they pursue or which kinds of people they work with.

One of the biggest skills associated with social care jobs is the ability to be able to relate to a wide range of different people. According to the National Career Service, social work gives you the skills to connect with people from all sorts of backgrounds, and help to gain their trust. Many of these people are in vulnerable situations, so social care jobs hone your skills of being tactful and non-judgmental, while showing empathy and understanding. (more…)


Why I am Ready for Winter?

I am stranded again browsing some sites and  window shopping online. I am planning to buy another  travel gadget as present for myself  this coming holiday season.  When I check the time, it is almost midnight now CET time.  Time to do some blog updates!

View outside of the window. This is the roof of the patio/garage filled with snow.

It seems that fall season is over now and winter is coming so soon! In fact, when I woke-up this morning and had a peeped outside  the window , I found out that it was snowing. The roof of the patioe/garage is slowly filled with snow. Indeed winter is inevitable and I am glad that I am ready for the season. (more…)


I Want To Have Cozy Winters

Thanks God, the weather is not so cold this fall season.  I mean for now! I could still remember the weather from last month of October.  It was colder  compared to this month. For now, I am getting ready for the incoming winter season and I believed I am!

Here are the things why I can say that I am ready for winter time;

  • Winter tires are on in my car.
  • Winter clothes and  accessories are all set-up.  Winter boots and shoes,  hand gloves, winter jackets, sweaters, scarves, winter caps and more are ready!
  • The heaters at home are turn-on now.



Thankful to Start a New Job Soon!

Happy TGIF to all in this  Friday the 13th of November. So  far my day went well. How about yours? I hope you  are having a wonderful one.  It seems like yesterday when I went  back to  jobland.  It is over  a year now since I started working again.  It was tough  during the first weeks and months but so far due to pragmatic approach with this job, I  survive. I could never imagine to continue doing it but due to the many inspirations  I have,  especially with the ongoing projects  I am doing right now  back in my home country, I am  forced to do this job.  (more…)


Making a Break for the Country for Vacation

As convenient as city life may be, it also comes with its fair share of headaches. By the time your annual vacation rolls around, you may be ready for a break from all of the noise, pollution, busyness, and crime. When the the idea of relaxing in the woods appeals to you, you can find home-like accommodations for you and your family by checking out lodging like the Beavers Bend cabin rentals and resort amenities. You can spend time among nature, relax, and let the stress of city life ease its way from your mind.


If you have spent time in the wilderness before, you know what a treat it can be to sit among the trees and rolling creeks in the Oklahoma woods. Just the scenic landscape alone could be enough to relax you after a busy year of living in the urban jungle. If you have never before ventured into the woods, you are in for an experience as you wade in the creeks, go fishing in the lakes, and watch the native birds soar among the trees. You will also see natural fauna and vegetation that cannot be found in any metro area. (more…)



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