Enjoy Unspoiled Nature at This Tropical LGBTQ-Friendly Destination

So, you have in mind the perfect tropical getaway to help you take a break from your crazy day to day routine. Warm sand, softly lapping waves, and vibrantly colored fruit drinks with little umbrellas create your ideal experience while you breathe in the salty air and feel the spray of surf on your skin. This vision of yours, however, isn’t all you are looking for: Finding a location with all of these that also adds in the element of LGBT – friendliness is integral to your travel plans. Where should you make your reservations for such an experience? The Caribbean Isle of Saba, of course.  (more…)


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Tips To Make Your Garden More Attractive

For every gardener, their backyard is their haven where they spend time relaxing, doing garden works, reading books, grilling, partying or any outdoor activities they love to do. For sure, every garden owner wants their backyard to look beautiful and attractive not only for them but also for visitors and onlookers.


Here are some tips on how you can make your garden more appealing. (more…)


The Best Birthday Present, A Trip to the Balkans in Europe

How’s your weekend going on folks?  It is so far good for me.  I was only so busy yesterday doing home chores. I have off this weekend and this is only the time when I can do some household tasks. I am still not done but at least most of the chores were finished like laundry, cleaning, some dusting, cooking, etcetera. I wish to do some gardening but time was so limited. I was quite exhausted yesterday because I was not really feeling good due to headache and dizziness.

The tower at Stradun, Dubrovnik’s main street during my first visit back in 2013. I will be visiting it again this year. Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Backyard Ideas That Will Guide You Through Your Outdoor Overhaul

Are you planning to overhaul your backyard but still don’t have any ideas on how to do it?  The way you plan it will  depend  on your hobby or passion. Whether you love cooking,  dining, entertaining yourself and the whole family or your  friends or simply lounging or relaxing,   for sure this infographic  will help and guide you what to do. Check it out! (more…)


Benefits of Joining a Vacation Club

If you enjoy traveling, a vacation club may be something you want to consider learning about. This type of club gives members access to thousands of different hotels. There are many destination spots available all over the world, and owners can enjoy traveling to a different place each year knowing they will receive quality services wherever they go. There are many clubs available that offer members the chance to stay at places like Blue Green Resorts on a point system.



Vacation in Symi, Greece last Spring Time

Expect the Best
When you join a vacation club, you are becoming an owner. You own a certain number of points that you can use to go on vacation at any of the club’s premium resorts or their affiliated resorts. By being an owner, you can expect top notch services no matter where your travels take you. You can be sure that every hotel you book is going to be up to club standards. (more…)


So Many Festivals Going On!

What a day we had today. I am thankful that I am feeling better now with my migraine. I guess this is the very hot weather we had since the past days. One US Army soldier at work told me that the heat today is like the summer hot weather in Texas. I can imagine that and I was thinking how about the summer heat in Las Vegas since I already visited the place during summer season. I hope the weather will be cooler so soon.

Musicians playing musical instruments during a festival parade in Neumarkt, Bavaria.

Let me go back with the main topic here. This week is an interesting week near the area. There are a lot of summer festivals that are going on. If I am not working this weekend, I should be going to a festival called by the Germans as Volksfest. (more…)



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