Changing Our Heating Device Help Us save Some Bucks

It is quite ironic telling this story. When I was still waiting for my visa to come here in Europe, I was getting excited everyday because I  always wanted to experience white Christmas. I did not realize that during autumn and especially during  winter season,  a house or an apartment  in Europe needs a device or equipment to keep it warm.

In fact, during my first winter here in 2003, our heaters need to be turned-on in order the maintain the normal temperature at home. We are already happy if we can maintain 21 degree Celsius inside the house.  But then, there are consequences for this.  First, the more we  turn- higher-on our electric heaters in each room of the house, our electric bills also gets higher. Can you imagine paying almost 300 Euros every month for electricity? (more…)


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Happy for Another belated Birthday Presents

How would you feel if you receive something special from good friends who lives in the other side of the planet? For  sure  you will be very  happy! After waiting for over  a month, these stuffs finally arrived. I am again a joyful soul after receiving these belated birthday!


I did not expected a lot of these beauty products to be delivered but look what I got? A whole boxes of women stuffs from lotions to body mist, hand gels and soaps and what else? The picture of this handsome little guy who is my godchild.  He is growing up fast. I simply love all of these! (more…)


Getting Ready to Hit the Road Again

Yes! I finally have it! Last week, I was surprised when I checked the mailbox and found an envelope containing the confirmation of my next adventures.  It has been awhile since my last travels. I only visited  two countries that time in a period of 15 days.  Greece and Turkey are very interesting countries and in fact, it was my  second visit in Turkey already.   Greece is the 46th country I visited and it amazed me with its beautiful  islands like Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Symi,  Crete and more.  It was my first out of the country travel this year and I can’t wait for the next  one.


A beautiful view of  Santorini in Greece. It is the 46 country I visited so far. Can’t  wait for the next travels!

Since this travel bug has infected me so bad,  I always crave for an effective medicine to cure it. It is only traveling  that will make me feel well  and happy. Finally, I can’t wait for the next travels to commence. (more…)


Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to all who are celebrating it this month!  I was just surprised when I opened my facebook account yesterday. Many of my friends are celebrating their wedding anniversaries this month. Some are married for over a decade now and some are over five years. Wow respect to that! (more…)


Great Ways to Maintain the Bathroom and Kitchen Drains in a Toronto Home


The plumbing system  in a home is a very vital piece and something that can cause a lot of trouble if left in a state of disrepair. Dealing with plumbing issues is something that is best left to a knowledgeable professional. Some homeowners believe that they can save a few dollars by doing their own plumbing repairs, but this usually ends up backfiring on them. Among the most common types of plumbing issues a homeowner will deal with is in regards to their drains. The following are a few tips on avoiding repair issues with the drains Toronto in the bathroom and kitchen in a home.

Keep a Check on All Sinks

One of the first things that a homeowner needs to focus on when trying to keep the drains in their kitchen and bathrooms in good shape is the condition of their sinks. By checking the pipes under the sink, the homeowner will be able to rest assured that all of the plumbing is in order. Neglecting to inspect the plumbing under the sinks in the home may lead to a number of issues that can bring the draining system to a grinding halt. (more…)


Headed to Europe? Stay Connected to Work With These 4 Pieces of Tech

So you’re traveling to Europe this fall for a long-awaited and much-deserved vacation. While you are looking forward to exploring the cities, visiting museums and enjoying delicious cuisine, you do need to set aside some time to work and stay connected with friends, family and the boss back home. To successfully work out of your suitcase in Paris, Amsterdam or Milan, be sure to pack the following tech devices:

A tablet

Unlike cumbersome laptops, which typically need their own carrying case and get to be heavy to lug around, tablets are lightweight and fit into a backpack, purse or carry-on bag.  (more…)



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