Money-Saving Tips When Shopping for Groceries

How’s your day folks? I hope all went well.   I quite have a manic Saturday today. There are a lot of things to do at home especially on spring cleaning. During my days-off, I am already starting doing it. The weather today in our place was good.  This is the sign that spring season is finally here. It is the perfect time to go outside, maybe go for a walk or sit down on the patio, sip some fresh air while drinking a hot tea or coffee. Sad to say, I need to do some home chores including laundry,  cleaning and grocery shopping.


Talking about  grocery shopping, I always try my best to save everything when I buy grocery items.  Here are some tips I share with you how I save some bucks when  I go grocery shopping. Check these out! (more…)


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Spring Season is the Time to do Spring Cleaning

Good morning Europe! Hello world! The sun is shining outside. While writing this post, I can hear the birds chirping and singing outside. It is one sign that spring is indeed coming very soon. In fact, I heard over the radio this morning, while having my tea session that tomorrow is already the beginning of spring season! Whoaaa! I can’t wait for this beautiful season of the year to come….no more snow….no more so cold weather…no more gray skies..and  no more thick winter clothing.

Yellow tulips in my garden during the past spring season.


Fill Your Closet with Your Best Colors

Guest Post by Ever Pretty

If you’re looking for fashion tips, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about dressing for your body type and wearing clothes that flatter your figure. What you won’t hear as often is how important it is to wear the right colors for your skin tone, hair color and figure. The wrong colors can either make you the center of attention in a bad way, or wash you out and make you look drab and awkward in even the best fitting casual summer dresses.LV.EG.2015.03 LV.EG.03-2015

Choosing the right colors is a matter of assessing your hair and skin color and trying several different things until you find which color scheme is perfect for you. (more…)


Fashion for Both Genders: 10 Things That Work Both Ways

When it is time to go out and enjoy life, every item of clothing may not be appropriate for the occasion. Ergo, having a versatile selection of clothing in your wardrobe is beyond a good idea. The following items are excellent choices to consider.

DLSR Camera
Both genders have been seen rocking cameras around their neck or bag these past few years as a “artisic” look. Lots of old point and shoots as well have been seen on the “hiptser” style watch.  (more…)


Multitasking Doing Home Chores

I can’t believe that we are now entering the middle of the month  of March. I did not notice the fast passing of time. This is  the result of being too busy.  This week is quite a tiring week for me. I had a 6-day shift and I am not really a fan of waking up too early in the morning to go to work. I  like it better the night shift. I guess, it is the night owl in me that always  keep me staying late  at  night even though it is not really good.  For some reasons, I have the problem of going to sleep immediately the past  nights and these are for sure the reasons why I am too tired this week.  (more…)


Modernize and Spruce up Your Home With These Great Tips

Your home is your sanctuary, but after you have been living in it for a few years, it can feel like it’s time for a change. The good news is that you don’t need to do something drastic like find a new apartment or house in order to spruce up your living quarters. In fact, modernizing your home can be quite affordable. Here are some easy ways to freshen up the look of your home. LV.rbenz.2015

Get New Linens

You know that feeling of crawling into bed when you’ve just changed out the sheets? Little can make you feel like you’re sleeping in a whole new place like brand new linens. Try to find styles that are completely different from what you have used in the past. Go simplistic.  (more…)



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