3 Easy Changes You Can Make For A Healthier Home

Many of us are trying to make healthier changes to our lives. We’re addressing issues in our diet, exercise, and stress levels. But what about around the home? Your home is likely to be a place that you spend a large amount of time. You may work from home. But even if your profession takes you out and about, several hours of your morning, evening, and weekend is still likely to be at home.

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For this reason, the choices we make at home have a big impact on our life and our health. Many of the things we take for granted in our home can be made healthier with a bit of extra attention. We may not know it, but certain things in our home can be harming us in a hidden way over time. Get inspired by the suggestions below on how to make your home healthier in easy ways. (more…)


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Spring Cleaning Still Continues

Owning a home is a great idea and it feels so good when you are living in your own home.  There are always pros and cons when owning  a home.  For sure as homeowners, you already know most or everything about  it.  One advantage as homeowner is, you can do everything you want to your home from putting up decorations to doing some renovations, improvements or maintenance  and more.

At this  season of the year,  it is always a must for a homeowner to do a  spring clean-up.  It is a yearly job to keep the  home in order, tidy and  well-kept.

We already started some home clean-up since spring begun last month. Here are some of it;

Garden Work Is Still Going On

I am so happy to see the first spring flowers in the backyard. Crocus, tulips, primula, narcissus and daffodils are still blooming in the garden. Last weekend, I started planting more flowers. Dried leaves were also gathered and thrown in the compost pit. Dead branches of flowers and plants were also cut-off. Grasses and other unwanted  wild flowers were also removed. So far, most of the garden work  for spring season is almost accomplished. But then, owning a garden is a continuous job especially during spring, summer and autumn. (more…)


The Preventative Steps You Need to Take to Secure Your Home

There are a few preventative steps that you can take to keep your home secure and protected. Here they are.

Fill Gaps in Your Home’s Exterior

Gaps in your home can cause many problems. For a start, it makes your home more difficult to heat during winter, so you will have to spend more money. And those gaps will also make it much easier for pests to invade your home and cause you problems. Rats, mice, birds and insects will all take advantage of ways to get into your home if you give them the chance. You can stop birds from getting into the attic by putting up a net inside it. This will stop anything if any gaps do appear.

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Protect Your Pipes

Your home’s pipes can cause you a lot of trouble if they’re not properly looked after. For example, during winter, your pipes can freeze and cause the pipe to eventually burst. This then leads to water damage and all kinds of headaches. (more…)


Building Your Own Home? Here’s What You Can’t Afford To Forget

For some people, building their very own property is a life-long dream. After all, why would you buy someone else’s home when you can design one with your personal stamp on it. It’s a great way to tailor your new home to meet your exact needs. You can be creative with space and design, and also, be as hands-on with the project as you like. Not that into DIY? Fair enough, you can always hire a contractor to do all the hard work for you. But if you do enjoy building and large projects, then building your very own home could be a fantastic challenge.


If the project is efficiently planned out and done correctly, then a self-build home can work out cheaper than buying one.  (more…)


Can You Really Afford To Own A Home?

It can be an exciting thought to be finally able to own your own home. You may have been saving for years, and keeping your financial records squeaky clean. Your household budget may be in good order, and you may even have all the removal costs detailed. Finally, you find the house of your dreams. All you need to do now is convince the mortgage company to give you the loan you need.


Saving the deposit may be the least of your worries in the long term, though. There are dozens of other costs you will incur when you buy a house. Having a healthy twenty to forty percent of the asking price sets you on the right track. Proving you can afford the monthly repayments is all the bank may ask for in a good financial year. But owning a house comes with far more costs than just the mortgage repayments. (more…)


Living With Pain? Try These Tips To Make Life Easier

A lot of people live with pain in their bodies twenty-four hours a day. It can easily take over your whole life. It can affect your mood, your fitness, your lifestyle, your sleep patterns, and even your ability to work. Nobody wants to spend their lives reaching for painkillers, so what other options are available? There are many reasons for pain, and so there are different ways to relieve it. But there are also ways to adapt your life so you can cope a little easier when times are tough. Try some of these top tips to make your life easier:

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New Bed

If your pain is preventing you from sleeping well, then life could be especially tough for you. Without enough deep sleep, the body cannot heal. Instead, it could begin to develop even more pain and health problems.  (more…)



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