A Perfect Birthday Gift for Myself

It seems that July is ending so soon! I hope you had a lovely last weekend of the month. Yes, the month of August is coming soon and we have to slowly bid goodbye to July. This also means that my big day is fast approaching. I am quite excited about it because I will be out for a birthday trip. How about that? It is indeed a perfect birthday gift for myself.

My birthday present from last year, a Louis Vuitton bag.

Last year, I also treated myself with a cruise holiday in Scandinavia and Baltic Regions. I was so happy and contented with it. Another special present I gave to myself is a quite luxury one, a Louis Vuitton bag. It cost me a fortune to buy it but I was thinking, it is my big day so spending that much is no big deal at all. (more…)


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Fume Incinerators For Business

Fume incinerators are necessary items for large factories and restaurants. These units must be custom fitted in the building, and the unit must be designed to express the smoke from incineration in a safe way. When an installation firm puts in the unit, the incinerator must be installed properly and up to local building codes. A factory or restaurant owner should learn more about fume incinerators to make sure they are making the right choice.

The Purpose

A fume incinerator is used to oxidize the fumes from ovens, stoves and industrial units. These fumes are dangerous, and they cannot be allowed to buildup in a space for too long. The incinerator uses a large flume to collect the fumes, light them and get the smoke out of the building. (more…)


Types of Strap Hinges that are Essential to your Home and Garden Needs

Strap hinges are tools that provide interesting ways to install swinging doors, gates and barn doors. The selection is endless because there is a wide variety of hinges that one can choose from for their construction projects. Before beginning any project, it is critical to evaluate what is needed and select the proper hinges.


Dummy Strap Hinge

These hinges live up to their name because they do not provide any functionality at all. They are primarily used for looks. Individuals will use these hinges to give their gates and doors a fancy appearance. (more…)


Nice Souvenirs from A Friend in Japan

First of all, I want to apologize to  my friend  in Japan for this  very late posting. I should have posted this when I got back from a long holiday but I was not able to do it.  These  beautiful souvenirs  were delivered   last April but I was not at home that time. I was on a long vacation in  Asia. Last month,  I took some pictures of it and should post it  here but I cannot locate the  album where the  photos were saved. I need to organize  the photo albums so I can easily find the pictures that I am looking for. I wish I have time to do it..lolz!

Seeing the beauty of Japan thru these postcards.  ありがとうございます Arigatou gozaimasu Naoko San!


Thank you so much to my lovely Japanese friend,  Naoko San for these very wonderful postcards and this small pouch. I so love everything you sent me. Sorry for the very late posting. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.   (more…)


Happy to do Some Organizing at Home

How are you doing out there folks? I hope everyone is doing fine. Not so bad for me. I was just so buy with many offline stuffs from gardening to home organizing and some outdoor activities. It’s been for awhile since I last updated this blog. I wish, I will be inspired again to blog. I have a lot of stories to tell but my desire to go online all the time especially in writing blog updates is temporarily cut-off.

The weather today was quite hot outside. Instead of doing some garden work, I decided to organize my computer room which is also my working room. It is still not done but I am happy that I already started doing it. After that long vacation in Asia, I haven’t done organizing all these books, magazines and some flyers I collected from my recent travels. (more…)


June was Quite a Good Month

Hello everyone! This is quite a late post but as the saying goes, “Better Late Than Never”, it  is better  to share some things  than nothing at all.  Overall,  June was  a good month for me. It was also a sad month because it was the time when my sweet vacation in Asia finally came to an end.  The happy travels and memories  were over now. I am just thankful that I came back to my second home again,  whole and safe.

First Week:

Good that I keep a calendar of important activities I am doing everyday. I just got back in Europe during the first week of June. After some days of  having some  rest, I decided to go to the doctor for an annual check-up. Thanks God, there is really nothing serious. I just had a high blood pressure (140/90), which I believed was caused by over-fatigued  and jetlag from that -week 6-week  holiday in Asia. After some days, my blood pressure went back to normal (110/80).

The Cake during the baby Shower.

June 7- Invited to a  Friend’s  Baby Shower

I was invited to a friend’s baby shower.  For the first time, I finally had a good time again with friends during that  baby shower party. Sumptuous  foods were served, karaoke singing, wine drinking and chit-chatting were always present everytime there is a special gathering like that. (more…)



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