How to Manage Supply Orders and Inventory for an Ice Cream Shop

When thinking about how to manage supply orders and inventory for your ice cream shop, Gelato Products suggests considering the two major purchasing concepts, just in time inventory (JIT) and just in case inventory (JIC).

Let’s think about JIT first. You need ice cream cups for your customers. The problem with JIT is that you will have a supply of cups that you will use for your customers and their ice cream, and just before those cups run out you order more. However, should you run out of cups before the order arrives you’ll have to either turn customers away or think of something else. (more…)


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Planning to Watch a Concert This Year

Hello folks! How’s your day today? I am very busy today doing some home chores and garden jobs. I also finalize packing up my luggage. I can’t wait for the travel highlight this year. In fact, I am getting excited as days passed-by. In less than two weeks, I will be traveling again in the other part of the globe.

Anyway, back to the main topic. It has been some years now since I watched a live concert. I always watched it but on television or in the internet. The last time I watched it live was way back in 2012 during the concert of Sir Elton John in the Colosseum, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. (more…)


Anyone Shopping for Musical Gadgets?

I was watching the Eurovision Song Contest on television last night. It was shown live and I truly find such event very interesting. The singers and performers gave their best to win the competition. Special congratulations to Ukraine for winning it. Jamala’s controversial 1944 song won the contest. Australia got the second place while Russia received the third one.

Back to the main topic..I know there are a lot out there who are currently shopping for anything they wanted or needed. Some might be shopping for new musical gadgets or instruments. (more…)


3 Free Activities to Enjoy in Seattle

Seattle real estate agents  are in your corner when it comes to finding a good deal on a new condo for you and your family. Once you have decided to move and pick out the perfect new home, you’ll probably only want to do one thing after you’ve made your purchase: save some money.

When you’re moving to a new location, you don’t want to wind up sitting indoors all day because you’re trying to pinch pennies after a big move, but spending a ton of money on restaurants and activities isn’t ideal either. Because the city of Seattle has so much to offer its residents, there are ways to save on expenses while still enjoying time out on the town. (more…)


Reviewing NordicTrack Elliptical Products

RB.05062016.freestridertrainerfs9i-strides-smNordictrack a part of ICON Health & Fitness brand and comes in different product series. All products are known for offering proper workout and many home owners now own skiers for daily workout session. There are dozens of different products including the low-impact exercise machine elliptical. Nordictrack Elliptical like Nordictrack Commercial 1750 is a professional gyming product that can be used in home. The elliptical machines are designed for all body types and offers diverse offering. However, there is a need of research and reviewing about each product before buying. (more…)


How To Prevent Clogged Drains In Your Home

From time to time, drains get clogged up in the home. It might not be any fault of your own, but you still need to know how to prevent it from happening. Drains are commonly neglected. We often don’t think of the dangers of pouring different liquids and even foodstuffs down them. It’s no surprise that this often results in clogged drains and repair bills.


But, try as you might, you can’t always prevent clogged drains. You’re going to run into issues where your drains become clogged, and you’ll need to sort the issue out. Unless you’re an experienced plumber, don’t try this yourself. (more…)



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