Home Renovation

Updating the house doesn’t need to be expansive or expensive to be effective. Small changes are enough to provide a completely new appearance to the home. Moreover, a person’s home is a haven and should be a place a person is happy and comfortable. A home should reflect a homeowner’s personality to create an atmosphere they are most happy in.


New paint in the home can freshen up the appearance of the entire home. Find colors that are suitable to the colors of the furniture and remaining décor, but feel free to explore new possibilities. If a color if not a good match, the good thing is that it can be changed for an inexpensive amount. (more…)


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Will There Ever be a Cure for Baldness?

Everyone is excited about the steady march of scientific improvements in the treatment of conditions such as cancer and heart disease. However, there is one much less serious condition that many would like to see more progress made on, and that is baldness.

Not Well Understood

For all the effort that has gone into curing baldness, to this day not a great deal is understood about what really causes it. The official scientific name for baldness is androgenetic alopecia, but by any name, it has proved an elusive condition to understand. The ancient philosopher Aristotle made an astute observation centuries ago when he observed that eunuchs, who lack testicles, never go bald. We now know that is because baldness is a side-effect of the hormone testosterone which is produced in the testicles. Alas, knowing that connection has not produced a cure, unless you want to become a eunuch, which is a solution few men would choose. (more…)


The Street Performer in Brussels

Another TGIF is here! How’s your day folks? I hope everything went fine. I guess, it was not really my day today. I was pissed-off at work and I was questioning myself what am I really doing there. Until now, I am thinking if I will be staying there for some years or maybe just for a year.

Since there plans and projects going on in my mind the past weeks and months and if resources will be available in the soonest possible time, I will surely leave the job. Hopefully next year, when finances will be fine, I will surely start a business back in my home country. I hope everything will be materialized in two years.

The street performer in Brussels during my first visit in summer 2010.

Back to the main topic..whew! I was browsing some old photo albums from my travels. I found an album taken in Brussels. One of the photos I took was this guy who was playing a kid of music instrument. I totally forgot its name but it looks like a long horn. He really played good that I stayed for some minutes to listen to him. (more…)


Just a Simple Vehicle for a Future Business

Hello peeps! I am back here again. It took me awhile writing this short post because I am watching some videos in Youtube. These are actually  some  performances from “The X Factor Australia 2014″. The performers were really good but there will only be one winner at the end. Since I love listening to songs especially live performances,  the reason why I also love watching shows like this. You know why? I am a frustrated singer..haha! (more…)


Why Should You Build A Garden Room?

One of the best things about a gCP-GA.rubybenz.com 0909.14.306_worrall-optarden space is the fact that it can offer a great deal of possibilities. There are some people who leave that space unattended, there are others who create playgrounds for their children, some choose to create gardens and so on. The idea of this material is to highlight the possibilities that this particular space brings forth and how to use it to do exactly what you want. (more…)


Make Your Next Vacation More Special with a Cabin Rental

When you start thinking about your next vacation, you probably automatically think about staying in a hotel. While hotels are among the most pLV.rubybenz.09.02.14.sleeps7_responsive_watersedgeopular forms of accommodations for travelers, frequent travelers know that hotels are a pain. Between sharing a swimming pool and hot tub with other guests, scrambling to get to the continental or buffet breakfast in the morning and listening to guests in other rooms, many people would rather stay home than stay in a hotel. Before you resign yourself to staying in yet another hotel room, find out some great benefits of staying in a rental cabin on your next trip. (more…)



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