Finding Bridal Dresses

LV.bridaldresses.rubybenz Bridal dresses are the most important part of any wedding, and many women feel very strongly about finding their bridal gown and getting the one that is just for them. However, it is hard to shop bridal dresses knowing that many other women could wear a similar gown. Rather than simply picking something off the rack and trying to make it work, it is best for ladies to find one from a large selection and make the most of it with tailoring. (more…)


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Postcards and Notes from Pakistan

I finally find the photos I took from these souvenirs from Pakistan! I took these images before my trip to Italy last month and it was buried somewhere in my external hard drive. I should be posting this long time ago but I was so busy with many things both online and offline.

Before that, I would like to apologize to the sender named Bilal Q. for posting this so late. I am  a busy bee until now because I am also preparing for a 6-week vacation in Asia. I was really very happy when I checked our mailbox that time and found your beautiful postcards plus these banknotes or notes you swapped with me. It reminded me of the lost 2 Euro coin   in your post office  but so thankful that you received the four   postcards from Europe.  Don’t worry, once I find again that special 2 Euro coin from Germany, I will surely send you again another one and probably to your friend in Dubai, like what you mentioned before.

I have been to over 30 countries worldwide but not in Pakistan.  Of course, places and countries in that part of Asia  are also in my bucketlist. I believed Pakistan has  also a lot of sights  to offer to its tourists and visitors. I am hoping one day, I will visit it especially places like Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Muzaffarabad and more. I also would love to see the second highest mountain on earth which is K2 which is located in Gilgit-Baltistan. (more…)


The Fountain of Neptune in Bologna

I conquered another city in Italy again! Bologna is often forgotten to  explore  by many tourists. It is not so famous like the places in Tuscany  including  Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca and other areas in this region. Bologna has its own history and  beauty. When I attended the birthday party of my friend’s daughter last February, one of her visitors told me that Bologna is beautiful. I told her that I haven’t visited it yet. Maybe in my trip in March to Italy. Indeed, I decided to choose Bologna to visit during one of our free days  during that 8-day holiday to Italy last month.

To make the story short, we went to Bologna by train. It was quite an adventure trip from our hotel in Rivazzurra, a comune in Rimini. From there, we took the bus in going to Rimini train station.  We arrived perfect in time in the train station to catch the train that will depart at 10:00 AM. We arrived in Bologna at around 11:15 AM.


There are a lot of sights to experience in Bologna and a half day of visit there is just not enough. One of the sights we experienced was  the Fountain of Neptune, known in Italian as Fontana di Nettuno. It is a fountain at Piazza del Nettuno or Neptune’s Square. It was built in 1563 by Tommaso Laureti of Palermo later embellished by Jean de Boulogne (called Giambologna). It is considered to be one of Bologna’s symbols. (more…)


Will See my Doggies Soon!

The waiting is almost over. In a week from now, I will be traveling again. This  time I am heading back home and not to other destinations in Europe or elsewhere. It has been a long time since my last vacation in my homeland. One luggage is already packed. Before the end of the week, I need to pack the other one. Of course, I am already very excited.  There is no place like home and it is always the best place on earth.


I can’t wait to see my family, friends and relatives again. Oopps, don’t forget, I will be seeing our pets as well. I actually don’t know how many of them  how are still alive now. It is over four years now since my last vacation in my come country.  (more…)


Busy With Many Things

Good morning Europe! Good day world!  And yes, hello lovely April month! The weather is so friendly today and the sun is currently shining outside.  It is indeed a lovely day! Thanks God for this wonderful spring day!

There are so many tasks that are currently waiting for me. I am indeed so busy at the moment that I don’t know what thing to start first:

Some kinds of tulip flowers in our garden! Simply beautiful!

Garden Work

It is spring time now and our garden needs a lot of time at the moment.  Spring flowers are already blooming now. Tulips, daffodils,  violas, hyacinths and more are smiling to me everyday and they seem to be  balsams to my soul. I feel stress-free  everytime I take a look at them. I simply love gardening.  I bought new flowers again and they need to be planted soon. (more…)


It Was a Wonderful Holiday in Italy

I am finally back home again! First of all, I would like to thank God for the chance and the opportunity  to travel again this year. I am also grateful for  the many travels I did from the  past years.  Traveling to over 30 countries is indeed a great achievement  for me  inspite  living a quite simple life.

The Palazzo Pitti, known in English as the Pitti Palace. It is a vast mainly Renaissance palace in Florence, Italy. It is situated on the south side of the River Arno, a short distance from the Ponte Vecchio.

I am not rich  which is very opposite to the thinking of people saying that I am one because I always travel. If you have the will and the knowledge to budget your finances, you can always do things beyond your imagination such as traveling  to places you always dream to visit.  You must also know your priorities.  I am glad, I am slowly fulfilling that dream to see places  little by little and one by one. (more…)



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