June was Quite a Good Month

Hello everyone! This is quite a late post but as the saying goes, “Better Late Than Never”, it  is better  to share some things  than nothing at all.  Overall,  June was  a good month for me. It was also a sad month because it was the time when my sweet vacation in Asia finally came to an end.  The happy travels and memories  were over now. I am just thankful that I came back to my second home again,  whole and safe.

First Week:

Good that I keep a calendar of important activities I am doing everyday. I just got back in Europe during the first week of June. After some days of  having some  rest, I decided to go to the doctor for an annual check-up. Thanks God, there is really nothing serious. I just had a high blood pressure (140/90), which I believed was caused by over-fatigued  and jetlag from that -week 6-week  holiday in Asia. After some days, my blood pressure went back to normal (110/80).

The Cake during the baby Shower.

June 7- Invited to a  Friend’s  Baby Shower

I was invited to a friend’s baby shower.  For the first time, I finally had a good time again with friends during that  baby shower party. Sumptuous  foods were served, karaoke singing, wine drinking and chit-chatting were always present everytime there is a special gathering like that. (more…)


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The Best Place to Live When Your Parents Retire

Are your parents retiring soon and you are currently looking for a place for them to stay? Therefore, you are seeking for a perfect retirement home for them to enjoy the rest of their lives. It is sometimes called an old people’s home or a housing facility intended for senior citizens. Depending on your needs and budget, there are a lot of options nowadays and you can always choose for the best place to stay  when they retire.


Finding the Right Place  To Retire

This is one of the best places  to live when your parents are in their senior stage.  (more…)


Starting A New Career

I am back to reality! It is time for me to finally decide for my future. After the long vacation I spent recently, I had already think of so many things. It was a great vacation seeing my family, friends, former classmates, former colleagues and neighbors. I visited three countries and many places during that holiday. I had the time to relax, to contemplate and keep on imagining until now of what will happen in  the future if I will not act right now?

Finally, I decided to start a new career soon. It might not be inline with my previous career but the most important thing is, life must go on and doing the right decision for my future, is the most important thing to do right now.  (more…)



Anniversaries are happy occasions. This is especially true as the number of years under a couple’s belt increases. Coming up with anniversary presents can be a difficult task, but with a few tips on ideas, it’s not hard to think of other good ideas. For any gift idea, think of the significance of the occasion or something specific to the person the gift is for.

Scrapbooks, picture albums and other forms of books that capture special moments or provide a timeline of a journey are special ways to celebrate the finer moments in life. For example, the birth of children, a new home and summer vacations in the forms of pictures and other memorabilia bring back all the emotions felt during that time. It gives a couple a sense of accomplishment of all that they built and overcame together.  (more…)


A Lovely Afternoon Walk in this Beautiful Summer Day

It is finally summer season! I just looked at  the calendar and indeed  yesterday, June  21 marked the beginning of summer season in  this part of the globe where I currently live. No wonder, I saw a lot of friends in Facebook mentioning about summer yesterday. I just ignored it because I was quite busy the whole day. I want to get everything ready that day so that I can watch the football game between Germany and Ghana.  Both had a tie with 2 goals.

Taken during our walk this afternoon. I do truly appreciate the beauty of nature like this!

Yes, FIFA 2014 is currently taking place in Brazil. I just watched the game played between Algeria and Republic of Korea tonight. After seeing the third goal made  by Algeria, I decided to turn  the television off because I want to write this update. I am no longer present in my  blogs the past weeks. Blame it to the long vacation and the  jetlag! haha! I hope, I will be backed more often to the blogosphere to give more  updates to  my blogs. (more…)


What to Pack for a Memorable Honeymoon

Wahoo! You made it through the big day! You didn’t stumble over the vows and you remembered every one of your partner’s distant relatives! Your dress didn’t get ruined and no one shared any horrible secrets. So now, it’s time to celebrate with your honeymoon! Read on for the best packing tips ever.

The Basics

First things first, as much as the whole idea of a honeymoon is to celebrate a very special coupling – you’re still going to need your average garden-variety vacation gear. Clothes, pyjamas, underwear, toiletries, etcetera, etcetera – unless you’re going to a nudist colony (in which case, hey have fun!) these are still all essential items that you’ll need to function in civilisation. After all… you will need to leave your room to eat and drink at some point. (more…)



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